ALNX North Haven CT

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Dear George,

As you know we were looking for a new barn for some time. I priced many different styles from metal buildings to wooden structures. That is when I came across your website. I was blown away by the beauty and elegance of your buildings. I immediately sent you an email and you responded within an hour. We spoke for some time about what we were looking for in our building and scheduled a meeting to go over the property and determine a convenient location. What surprised me the most is that you were concerned about saving square footage that was not necessary and making our building suitable and financially available to us. I work in the construction field and for someone to be concerned about saving space and money that was not necessary was shocking. Every day of construction, our barn was more and more beautiful. We also enjoyed having you and your crew stay with us during construction. We feel honored to of gotten to know you, your family and your crew. You are all remarkable people. We could not be happier with Geobarns and the exceptional work, beauty and pride you put into your buildings.


ALNX North Haven, CT



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