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Built for Bob Gasperetti Fine Furniture ( in the gorgeous valley under Mount Tabor, Vermont as a woodworking and furniture manufacturing facility, this barn was one of Geobarn’s biggest challenges on several fronts. Originally planned a few years ago, all the pieces did not fall into place until after a magnificent 64’x 34’x11’ tall foundation was completed by Concrete Forming Systems (of Pittsford, VT) early in December of 2004.

Construction of the shell began shortly after in early January of 2005, which necessitated 40 days of winter commuting 70 miles each way for the crew. In addition, the structural posts were so massive that for the first time we required a crane to set them—28’ high from the upper beam to the lower grade. If that were not enough, the first floor system required a 125 psf live load over a 34’ free span---the widest and strongest we have built to date. We had a superb engineer in Harry Wirtz (Northwoods, Inc.) who has developed complete sets of engineering calculations for Geobarn building systems, and gave us the specifications here to meet load and code requirements. To provide a clearer “word picture”—the main floor system can support well over a quarter million (272,000) lbs!.

While it seemed to snow almost every other day—construction went smoothly throughout the project with lots of encouragement from Bob Gasperetti, propane heat in the construction camper, and a beautiful site in the Mount Tabor Valley south of Rutland, Vermont.

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