Commercial Woodshop

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This commercial woodshop is a fully insulated year round building for Andrews Furniture Makers, LLC. The building houses a superb array of equipment below, with an office and balcony viewing area above supported by massive trusses -- precluding the need for any internal posts. The vaulted area is a spacious 25 feet high above the shop floor, with a direct vent cupola to relieve summer heat. The building is completely perimetered with transoms, in addition to numerous double hung sash windows inviting ample ambient light. A single woodstove makes it comfortable on cold, winter days, and the interior shiplap throughout adds its own aura of warmth.

"The Barn that George designed for me is perfect for everything I wanted. It is beautiful, spacious, incredibly durable and was extremely cost effective. The workmanship of George and his crew was extremely professional and I was consulted on many issues to make sure that I was pleased with the project. Geobarns is an impressive outfit which I recommend highly! "

BPA - Vermont

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