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It is hard to put into words what can only be described as an intense marathon--which is always fraught with the joy of the journey, the inevitable palpable pain of the process, and the deeply sweet yet sorrowful satisfaction of finishing this phase. Part of the struggle is not knowing how to slow down gracefully after running hard for the last 6-7 weeks....where four men--Matthew Crane, Jon Molyneux, Lucas Robertson and myself worked and bonded and passionately created a building where the whole far exceeds the sum of our individual capacities. This is as much a reflection of the wonderful support we received day in and day out from the staff and landowners at Bundoran farm, Celebration Associates, Qroefarm and the interlocking myriad of relationships without which and whom this would be little more than an empty exercise. My heart is too full and chaotic to enumerate all the will have to read beyond the words and you know who you are anyway.

I have attached a sequentially minimal panorama of pictures here to recapitulate the past 30 days.....a "day" essentially the sum of a four man crew's daily output. We had some half days within this aggregate total--two of us working a full day or all of us a half day--of 120 man days for the project. We were rained out once or twice and some days were twice as or half as productive as others....but the blessing is in the whole journey and in persevering in our commitment to our clients and to one another.

I have included some pictures of the Massey barn across Edge Valley Road as well as the rafter tail framed hilly pasture of the Tillman residence from an upper eave window on a imminently stormy day. The context of Bundoran Farm with its views, people and pastoral ambiance was as much a critical path and blessing as our paychecks and material deliveries to keep us keeping well as our sense of fulfilling a great dream in the heart of Bob Baldwin that lives no less passionately than when he was alive. I cannot write this without tears--but there is no regret--only gratitude.

In Psalm 127 we are enjoined to recognize that "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it...." Bundoran Farm--from its inception--has always struck me as an act of faith on the part of all its participants...from the Scott family to the current landowners and future generations of schoolchildren who will visit and learn--just as we all have--what it is to explore the wonder of a "Land that Works...."

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