Cabot Shores Resort
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


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This magnificent site is currently under development with the construction of a large Geobarn conference center with several cottages spread throughout the 50 acres of both riverfront and birch and spruce groves overlooking the ocean. Working with a superb team of Canadian carpenters and contractors for just two weeks, we were able to frame and roof the main structure and begin two of the smaller ones. The same team continues to build and make rapid progress toward completion.

This beautiful resort village at Indian Brook, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, is scheduled to be open early summer for cottage rentals, youth camps, conferences and concerts in the 6000 sf lodge with its vaulted "Great Room" overlooking the ocean.

For more information, please contact Paul Weinberg at 902-929-2584 or visit the village website at

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IndianBrook World Village has as its purpose to empower young people and adults to develop self-worth, competency and spirit of community service and through guided adventures with mentors of all ages and cultures. This spring and summer in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada we are building our World Village and creating the spirit of this village--at once an adventure, conference and eco retreat center.

George Abetti is a "Guide" in this endeavor, someone passionate about building and great at it! He is helping us to build the IndianBrook Lodge and Cottages, all following the design concepts of Geobarns.

Nothing short of remarkable is the speed, efficiency and quality of George Abetti's work, as you can see in the attached photos. Underlying the "work product,"-the buildings-- is the positive process of planning and building with Geobarns; George Abetti led two separate Canadian crews (actually competitors) in a unified effort to build the lodge and cottages. In so doing, he set an example of what a great leader is. He inspired master carpenters and he taught younger ones what it is truly to apprentice to a master builder and a great man. He is setting a model for us of someone who brings the highest sense of integrity to his business dealings and to the intense labor, mentoring and artistic process he calls Geobarns. He helps us continually to put our vision into functional, magnificent and unique buildings.

We invite you to visit Cape Breton Island anytime to see Abetti's Geobarn buildings overlooking the sea and tucked into the hills, all the more beautiful up close and personal.

Dr. Paul T. Weinberg-Coordinator, IndianBrook World Village
Chair, Youth Adventure Corps



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