YMCA Camp Cabin
Grantham NH


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Built to replace an old camp cabin long since rotted away by the weather, this petite Geobarn features a central truss supporting the loft sleeping area over a common room incorporating the original fireplace built decades ago. Constructed with volunteer help over two long weekends, all the materials were ferried out by pontoon boat along with a generator and high tech propane nailers, chop saw and portable shop tools.

Built on and using the four original corner foundation boulders of the former building, this cabin includes Advantec flooring, anodized aluminum metal roofing, screened transom and window apertures, and all the signatures of routered eaves, shiplap doors, diagonal framing and Douglas fir beams found in Geobarns ten times its size. The loft has already supported the weight of 15 adult counselors who went there on a training day to inaugurate the new structure and fell in love with it at first sight.


Dear George,

For years the shell of an old cabin sat in the back of our lake. That old building had provided a lifetime of memories for many of our campers many years before. Canoeing to the peninsula for overnights on that spot with a cabin of friends was practically a rite of passage for hundreds of campers here at Coniston.

With your expertise, knowledge, and craftsmanship we now have the perfect barn for camping out with a cabin of 12 people. Everything is perfect, from the placement of the new building on the site to the details of the construction. I personally appreciate your innovation in looking at what was needed in the construction and customizing the barn around our needs. The sleeping loft, front porch and fireplace comprise a short list of favorite features. There have already been several campouts in the new barn and everyone raves about your work.

I know that this new building, which fits our facility so well, will provide a new generation of campers with a lifetime of memories. Thanks for all of your work and insight.

John Tilley
YMCA Camp Coniston

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