Horse Barn


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This four stall horse barn is the first genuine Geobarn--a basic post and beam with diagonal framing. In fact, it was with these first clients that George came up with this design, laying awake in the middle of the night trying to reduce costs to get within their budget without sacrificing any quality. Right around midnight he realized if he were to frame diagonally he could eliminate all the plywood sheathing and strapping on the walls, since the diagonals would provide for adhering the vertical 1x8 shiplap. Not only were there significant savings, but the new framing was far stronger and more attractive than anything conventional..."necessity is the mother of invention"...and every barn has been built this way since.

"After a month of straight out work and creating a beautiful barn, what impressed me the most was that George brought in 20,000 pounds of materials and finished cleaning up with only two wheelbarrow loads of wonderful as the barn is, this is the first thing I tell someone who comes to see it."

FKP - Connecticut


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