KKC garage
Hartland , VT

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This barn was created with the simple premise that a barn is preferable to a conventional garage and can offer far more at an equivalent cost. The design was developed on the request that there be no posts to hinder opening car doors or accessing anything to and from vehicles within--so with two arched trusses supporting the entire ceiling, the parking area is free and clear. We did compromise a little on the pure post and beam style by adding remotely activated garage doors...but with a van load of children some adaptions are worth it!

"Here is what we love about our Geobarn: we love a barn - who wants a garage when you can have a barn. We looked at price - for about the same as a prefab garage we got a barn, post and beam. Talk about efficient. There is very little leftover lumber, a couple wheelbarrows. It's so beautiful we would go out and stare at it all hours of the day and night. The diagonal framing is beautiful - so old world - it has such integrity, people would stop while driving by just to take it in. (remember we use ours as a garage full of cars, bikes, recycling bins, and tools, and gardening supplies) the ceilings are very high so we hang things but don't have to worry about them being in the way not to mention there are no posts to bang the car doors against!. The diagonals are great for storing. We line our skiis and golf clubs and lacrosse sticks - even lumber for our next project.

There is even an upstairs. We use ours as play space for our very young family. Kids love climbing all over our Geobarn. There is plenty of storage in a loft above the second floor. This is where the kids play and climb. All Geobarns come with a cupola (another great place for kids to climb if you'll let them)

The best thing about our Geobarn is . . .it's a barn NOT a garage. A clean, simple, architecturally beautiful, very functional barn. A place to put all our stuff."

Vermont Family

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