KQBF storage barn
Hanover , NH


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This lovely little barn was designed to be a storage space and workshop in a residential neighborhood on a smaller lot with zoning restrictions. It features a fully decked floor adhered to a 6x6 pressure treated sill foundation supported by concrete columns on "Big Foot" pier bases, more than adequate to support the tractor and automobile which will be stored there. The floating staircase accesses the large loft area for further storage.

Along with the more typical Geobarn design including open floors below and above, 6/6 dhs insulated windows, doug fir full span trusses and upper level transom windows--this barn includes some additonal creative touches such as full size drive through gable end doors with large custom 16 pane transoms overhead and a shallow pitched metal roof--all providing a genuine barn building on a smaller scale. George and his limited business partner, Justin Ferro, were able to build this from foundation to trim in 13 working days...a few of which were spent shoveling out of two major snowstorms!

My wife and I highly recommend George and Geobarns to anyone considering building a barn-based structure. From the first discussions to the final walk-thru George was a pleasure to deal with. He had a great vision of the structure, the technical skills to build it and was also able to integrate our ideas and needs. The result is a building that looks and feels great in addition to being wonderfully functional. At every step of the way we felt comfortable, as George is a clear communicator and very conscientious.

Did I tell you about the inspection? 2 good things:
1) We passed
2) He (the inspector) was so impressed with the space he asked for your name and number - he needs a garage built...I gave him your name and sent him to your web site...

Can't beat that!

KQBF, Hanover, New Hampshire


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