NFH residence with matching garage
Woodstock , VT


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This full time residence in Woodstock, Vermont is exquistely symmetrical and complemented with a matching three bay garage. The home is framed as an open barn shell, complete with massive span trusses and diagonal framing capable of supporting tons of lumber above. With all forces driven through the diagonals into the foundation, the house is strong as a bridge without any interior bearing walls, allowing their owner to frame as he wishes within without any constraints. This home contains a handicapped accessible elevator, over 1500 square feet of vertical grain beaded fir, slate floors heated with radiant heat, and fully insulated transoms and 6/6 double hung sash windows throughout, all manufactured to specification by Green Mountain Window. The shell was completed in one month with two full time and one part time Geobarn carpenters.

The owner has extensive experience in the home building industry, and has already asked Geobarns to build him an office building next year (after the snow melts...) and has already referred a number of interested clients.


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