Robin Luciano Beaty Art Studio, Byfield MA



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I must say of all the barns I have built that this was among the most enjoyable...for a panoply of reasons. First, working to build an art studio for an artist who is passionate about her work is a blessing in and of itself--given I see myself within the same creative genre of work. The fact that I got to build it full time with Robin--my client--and part time with her husband and extended family made it even more of a personal joy and challenge--given we were all the crew there was--and yet managed to get the shell up in seventeen days. It was a petite but complex little structure--out of design necessity to suit the exigencies of being an artist who simultaneously needs lots of wall space and light at the same time--which we solved creatively by pulling the upper floor system four feet back from the exterior walls which in turn allows the upper transoms to flood the lower level with light. It has a vaulted section in the rear bay and a cantilevered porch and deck off the rear gable--totally gathering in the exquisite back yard ambiance and landscaping.that Robin and Rick have cultivated for years.

I look forward to her grand opening next spring and to the wonderful work she will continue to paint within...



Words can not begin to express the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards the amazing experience I had building my Geobarn. I never thought the dream of building my very own art studio would become a reality, let alone it be as beautiful as it is, until the day I met Mr. George Abetti. The entire process of working with George, from start to finish, was absolutely wonderful.

I fell in love with Geobarns immediately upon discovering the website but thought it was financially out of reach. I had priced out so many other options (garages, kits, even sheds) just to be continually disappointed. After speaking with George just a few times, I felt hopeful and optimistic and after meeting with him just once I couldn't have been more impressed and overjoyed.

Being an artist, I had a strict budget and very unique needs, to say the least! From day one, George worked with me on every detail customizing my barn to suit my personality and specific needs -all within my set budget! Well before construction began, he exceeded my expectations; creatively planning, brainstorming and continually communicating with me. He is a true exception to most contractors. He always gave his artistic input rather than just considering it "another job". Building this studio was for him, nearly as personal an endeavor as it was for me.

To my surprise and excitement, George offered me the option of being his full time crew during the building process. We worked together everyday, joined by my husband Rick on weekends (YES, George works on weekends!!) along with my Father and Brother as extended crew for the really heavy lifting. Unlike anyone I've ever met before, George was willing and happy to share his knowledge and expertise, always remaining a patient pleasure to work with.

In 17 days and right on schedule my studio was complete. Never once did George's ambition and passion for this project wane. He is the ultimate "exception to the rule".

The entire experience makes me extremely emotional. I'm so proud of everything my beautiful little Geobarn represents: art, passion, inspiration, diligence and the inevitability of more to come. I'm amazed at my own capabilities, never-mind the integrity, endurance and undeniable talent of Mr. George Abetti, my amazing builder, teacher and now, very close friend, who I could obviously not have accomplished this dream without. Thank you George!!




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