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Dearest George,

The way I typically respond to something is in a more contemplative way; I sit with it, and usually alone. After you left, i did just that. I sat with the studio and allowed its essence to fill me. I found myself, as I usually do, designing its surrounding landscape, which is an integral part of this studio's existence. The studio is, in many ways, the heart of `Iris,' the name we have given to our retreat, after my mother. My mother was a very underdeveloped human being. She was abandoned and thrown into an orphanage at 5. She never had a chance. But, my mother did have a strong heart. In fact, she was all heart. And my choice to name our retreat after her (in the same way Teo's middle name is Frederick, after my father) was to not only resuscitate her heart, but to allow her subtle, spiritual being to continue to develop a higher imprint on our consciousness. By honoring my mother in this way, I feel I am learning to better understand the collective nature of spiritual seeking. It further strengthens my daily morning prayer upon waking: "I am grateful to be alive so that I can cultivate compassion for all beings, without exception."

Your presence in and indeed imprint on our studio also remind me of my vision of giving back to help serve the collective well-being. You are a role model of that ethic and principle, George; and I believe what makes this studio even more beautiful than it is, is the energy of generosity, giving, and caring you've infused in the process of its creation. My God, it is such a beautiful building, its design, structure, and aesthetic so aligned with the sacredness of its intention.

And so, on the evening of the completion of the studio's exterior, we head into Sunday, a sacred day, to rest and contemplate on how blessed we are to have you in our lives in such a unique way: with the artistic gift of creating beauty and a concrete image of what divinity looks and feels like in the conventional world.

Thank you, George,
God Bless,


July 8 - Entire barn delivery

Day two - Upper beam

Rafters ready

Rafters up

Purlins and cupola

Ready to roof

All roofed

Cupola to be

Room with a view


Shiplapped in a day


Day 18 - August 7, 2010

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