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The strength and versatility within the barn style construction allow for a wide variety of applications for the client—such as horse barns, garages, woodshops, garage apartments and indoor arena/ice rinks. A Roman arch flying buttress beam and bolt truss system allows for large spans and free standing buildings without any internal support, even with a second floor. This allows the client complete freedom and flexibility in choosing interior layout, since no interior bearing walls are required. Several Geobarn structures have been finished off on the inside for year round use commercially or residentially.

Diagonal framing adds an elegance and strength to the structure that is hard to match with any conventional method. Alternating directions from corners and posts provide not only a symmetrical pattern throughout but also drive all racking and lateral forces back into the foundation/sill for stability and resilience. George takes great pains to plumb and ensure the accuracy of every structure, using a laser transit and squaring both the sill and upper beams within 1/8 of an inch.

Geobarns also takes great care to build beauty into the attention and detail of every barn, without doing anything for mere cosmetic impact. The eaves are routered to provide an attractive trimmed look and drip edges to direct water away from the siding. All the windows have caps and beaded trim, and the doors are built from scratch using the same pine shiplap that covers every structure. Liberal use of transoms and 6/6 prehung sashes make the building look like a barn but allow it to have light, ventilation and multiple personal and commercial uses.

More recently, Geobarns has developed some technology which enables us to build cantilevered farmer's porch roofs and also to hang porch decks from those roofs without any need for support below. This greatly enhances both the aesthetics and lowers the cost for a significant addition beyond the original footprint of the building. About half our current clients are incorporating these porch designs into their projects--whether as horse barn run outs, front sitting porches or as second story cantilevered decks at tree line level. With some of the roofs rated at close to 150 psf, we can easily support a substantial deck below with the posts that normally support the roof...




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