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Featuring cantilevered decks and farmers' porches on both sides, this full three story shell utilizes most of the technology developed at Geobarn over the past years. The front porch is supended from the roof above it, and the floor systems have no interior bearing columns or walls. Completed in just 30 construction work days, the house includes a vaulted central section and an oversize active vent cupola which will also house the chimney. We give full and unabashed credit to our client for the red roof--which embodies her adventurous and winsome spirit.

The crew of four lived in the small campers for seven weeks...we ate well and treasured being in a beautiful place in the mountain woods where no lights were visible at night! We look forward to more projects in this area--just an hour and a half north of New York City.


Dear George,

You, Mark, and your sons have crafted the ideal home for me. Many people have seen your Geobarn and all appreciate its strength and beauty. Also greatly admired was the tiny pile of wood waste.

I was cautioned by some about the negative aspects of just hiring someone to build a barn, instead of using a contractor. Still--my daughter and I loved what we saw on your website, and after visiting you in Vermont to look at your barns, we agreed that your design had more integrity, was a wiser economic choice, and far more attractive and real than anything we'd considered so far.

We both agreed on the way home that we wanted to have you build our home, and felt confident that we would be understood in terms of what we wanted. Part of that decision was based on your eagerness to explain the bare-bones cost of the structure, what adds cost, etc., and your directness in general. I had no trouble trusting you to make it happen--on schedule and without hidden costs--which you did.

Even empty the place feels like home; Gaelyn and I love it and can't wait to move in. Thank you George, Mark, Jonathan and Caleb for all your hard work. All of us have really enjoyed meeting each of your crew and feel so lucky to have had them work on the house.

Catskills NY





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