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Donna and I have owned a home in Jamaica VT near Stratton Mountain for 23 years. We entertain quite frequently and we have always felt our living area, while efficient wasn't large enough to entertain comfortably. We also are looking to spend more time in Vermont as we approach retirement and wanted a larger space similar to the family room we had added on when we owned a home in Wilton (Fairfield County), Connecticut.

Barns dot Vermont so I've always thought a Barn addition would be in keeping with the historic farming heritage of Vermont. A friend of ours was building a GeoBarn garage with a bonus room in Fairfield CT and suggested I come over and meet with George. I immediately felt that George wasn't like the builders in CT that are simply salespeople. George was passionate about what he builds, more of an artist working with a blank canvas than a builder. Each Barn is truly a "work of art". We gave George our wish list of what we wanted in our barn and then George put pencil to paper and he translated our desires and vision into a design that was all we wanted and more.

George's zeal, passion and vision is infused in all the members of his team that worked on our project: Ryan, Theron, Kjell, Dennis, Rich & Ken. It was a pleasure having Theron & Kjell living in our home M-F, and especially enjoyed Kjell's cooking on the smoker. Then Dennis, a superb master carpenter, staying with us during the completion of the finish work. The best part was a "Rebel Yell" bourbon after dinner. Then there was Rich, a smart young man who worked in tandem to complete the interior package with Dennis.

I want to thank all of the GeoBarn's team as they helped guide me as I GC'd the project, an experience that was very fulfilling. As always we made changes along the way and the team worked with us to incorporate those changes into the finished Barn. A terrific collaboration.

Donna and I developed a tremendous fondness for George and his team. The experience and the finished barn exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend GeoBarns as "the" Barn builder of choice, bar none!!


Thank you so much for putting your heart, expertise, professionalism and thoughtfulness into our amazing and stunning barn and machine shed. Your crew were a group of first rate, great, talented guys who you should, and I am sure are, very, very proud of. Everyone who I have shown the two buildings to have been quite impressed by them, both for their eternal and internal beauty, but also by the quality of design and workmanship that went into them.

And we want to thank you personally for your friendship, warmth, honesty, character and fairness through the entire course of this project. it is a privilege to have someone with your attributes in "our corner".

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. You are always welcome to stop by our new new home in the future and to show others who might be interested in having you design and build a GeoBarns structure for them.

With a great deal of gratitude,



Hello, my name is Thomas Mack. My wife, Anne, and our son, Aidan, live in Northwest Pennsylvania on the shores of Lake Erie. We live largely in a rural agricultural area surrounded by a mesmerizing continuation of Concord grape vineyards.

We love restoring old buildings, to a fault. Our home, circa 1900 farmhouse, was painstakingly restored over a period of five years. Restoration is a labor of love. Our marriage made it through the difficulty of such a project(s). However, this was it for me. At 53, I decided old is gold but not going to do that again. Unfortunately, I needed space, storage space...barn space. Fortunately, the local code enforcement officer said, “Tom, I know you can fix things, but, I am not going to let you fix the old garage out back. It won’t meet code.”

What a dilemma. I began thinking of styles, proportion, dimension and design. Mainly just daydreaming most of the time. There were older traditional barns in the neighborhood that I wanted to emulate. I searched countless designs and configurations for well over two years. Back to my code enforcement officer, Fritz. I ran into Fritz in late August, 2013. “Tom, there is a fellow from Vermont here in town building a barn. I know what you like and I think this is the guy for you. Better hurry up because he will be leaving in a week or two.”

After getting the site information from Fritz, I called my wife at lunch and asked if she would accompany me to the location. She obliged and off we went. As we turned from the lake road and drove up a long drive my first impression was, ‘oh my.’ I was rather quiet and taking in the vast setting and barn. As we exited the truck and walked around the structure, George came down the makeshift stairs from the second floor. We introduced ourselves and shook his hand. No questions, I knew. It was from that point our lives changed.

Certainly, George Abetti does not need to be introduced to you if you are reading this. And, certainly, you have seen his magnificent structures. George is our friend. We are bonded by a common structure, the Geobarn. George has combined tradition and style as he builds Geobarns across the country. The designer, David Hamilton, suppliers and work crews were wonderful. It’s a process building a new structure. For George, it’s a creative process. It’s not a building--it’s artwork and we are fortunate to enjoy his art every day.


To George, Lee, Bob and Stephen;

Doreen and I continue to enjoy the outstanding work and craftsmanship when we see the building through our eyes and while reviewing the many photos that we have. This experience exceeded the high expectations that we both had while designing and waiting for the weather in Maine to allow the site preparation last year (May 11 the concrete was finally poured).

As you know with the actual work of the barn starting after we had completed our final household move from Seattle to Wisconsin there was significant pent up energy for the crew and us and when the walls were finally going up it was the start of a great long anticipated dream years in the making.

Lee, Bob and Stephen have been adopted as part of our family through the months that passed building the barn. Showing the type of craftsmanship that typically would be seen when someone is building their own building. A comment that I heard from the guys multiple times was this building is ours until we turn it over to you, a sentiment of the love that they had for the building each and everyday. I also really appreciated the ability to be participating as a part-time crew member during the build. The crew was very much a top quality "George Crew" bringing high standards and carpentry techniques during the build that provided for an exemplary example of providing a building which will be shared and enjoyed for many future generations of our family.

To sum up what I was able to see on a daily basis was the equivalent of ants on an ant hill, each participant knowing what needed to be completed and in the most efficient manner yet working as a well oiled machine together.

To say that we enjoyed the crew and the experience of the the barn going up last year is a huge understatement, I try to share with anyone that will listen the barn build experience I was able to watch and participate in. There have been many local neighbors that have stopped by for a tour of the build and I really wish you could be there to watch their faces as they see the workmanship and techniques used. For many of the people that have heard my stories and viewed the pictures of the barn going up they can't believe that this dedication, craftsmanship, and work ethic still exists. For me it was like watching history in the making, very similar to stories from my Grandfather when he came over from Norway to work as a carpenter.

To bring the story up to date, there were over nine (9) feet of snow that fell on the barn last winter, as a family my daughters were in Maine with Doreen and I in January and they were able to see first the barn shell that now existed for our family (after plowing through four (4) feet of snow to get there) and picture what is yet to come for the inside of the building. To say there were excited would be an gross understatement. We are now getting ready once again to make another journey to Maine and finalize how we will complete the plans for the inside of the barn.

To George and the crew, if I may share words that I heard from my Father and Grandfather as I was growing up, "mange tusen takk", for a job well done.

Paul and Doreen


Hello George,

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to God for leading me to you and for such a wonderful job you did in designing and building our car barn/apartment! And, of course, I can't forget to thank the amazing Amish crews that poured their hearts into doing their job with expert craftsmanship and great humility. Frankly, I've lost count of the many, many compliments, and the number of ooh's and ahh's, about how beautiful the design, how well built, and how functional the barn is!

In the past 30 years, I've built five houses and one office, and have always used general contractors for such projects. This is the first time I was called upon to line up all the subcontractors, and it was such a great experience for me. Not only because I learned a lot during the process, but because of you, George, always being there, just an email or phone call away, to answer the incredible amount of questions we had.

Your honesty in all your dealings, and your hands-on, hard-working style is something rare to find these days. And because it's so rare, it's so greatly appreciated! I would not hesitate in the least to recommend your services to anyone.

"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established" Proverbs 24:3

May God continue to give you wisdom and understanding in building barns and building relationships.

Thank you so much George for a "job well done, thou good and faithful servant,"

Blaine and Claudia Bell

We are probably the only clients that have taken three and a half years to give George and his crew the accolades that they so deserve in the form of a testimonial for building us a beautiful Geobarn. This isn’t because we were not as impressed and awed by the whole process as others before and after us have been. It is not that we were not thrilled with the results. Quite the contrary. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t think about George, Matt, Dave and David and the dedication and passion they had in providing us with a building that we would love in the end. Our barn is filled with not only their fine vision and craftsmanship but so much more. It is filled with joy and frustration. It is filled with memories of listening to great music together, cooking up great meals, the unbearable heat, a trip to the emergency room for Jenny and in the final stages, hurricane Irene that we weathered together cooking peach cobbler in the trailer with the generator. With our barn we built relationships that will be with us for a lifetime. We are forever grateful that we had the privilege to work with such wonderful people that we now consider our friends.

It began in October 2010 when Jenny was hit on the head inside our old barn with a piece of rotted rafter that had given way during a fierce rain storm. It was time to think about replacing the barn that was attached to our 1858 farm house. The barn had not been as well constructed or cared for as the house had over the years. There was no foundation and it had been cobbled over with cheap fixes over time. We were concerned that new construction was going to be too much of a contrast to the historically well preserved old house. We pored over websites and looked at barns with a keener eye on our travels through our corner of Vermont. Then one day on a run, Jenny spotted a barn that spoke to her. This barn was simple but beautiful. She knocked on the door and asked the owners if they would share the name of the builder. They not only gave her the name but also gave her a tour with rave reviews of the construction and their experience. Thus began the relationship with George and his crew at Geobarns. A year later we moved into our beautiful barn with a master suite upstairs, garage storage below and the first ever Geobarn chicken coop cantilevered off the main structure . We gained a wonderful living space, a beautiful addition to our old farm house and some wonderful memories and friendships for life.

Despite that our first email to George was late in the evening during the weekend, he called us within an hour after we sent it. We also later learned he was completely immersed in the biggest project of his career building a winery in Virginia. Our project was miniscule compared to the winery. But that is George. Every person, every project is just as important as another.

David Hamilton visited us within a week after our inquiry to look at the project and start developing drawings. Our project was complicated by the fact that we were insistent that the new structure connect to our house as the old barn had. After several back and forth conversations and plans we settled on a scope of work and contract. George and David made all the arrangements for the foundation to be dug in the spring which of course ended up being one of the wettest. But the contractor was great and even let Jenny operate the excavator some. Then came day 1 of construction. We met Matt and Dave on one of the hottest days of the year to begin construction. We were the homeowners raring to go and not having a clue about what to do. Matt and Dave worked patiently with us in the blistering heat. After several hours Jenny timidly offered everyone popsicles which were graciously accepted by all. From there began the journey.

This is what I will say about the process with Goebarns. I was amazed and still am with George’s willingness for the homeowner to be so involved. It is nothing but a headache and a big risk for a contractor to let a homeowner get involved intimately with the construction of a project. But George welcomes this and it is what makes his company and crew and buildings unique and special. Every day during the construction there are decisions to be made and Matt, Dave and George always presented all options openly with us. Even if it would cost Geobarns more, they would encourage us to make the decision that would make us happy. This is the essence of what Geobarns is all about. George cares more about the client’s happiness in the product than his bottom line. He even built a bathroom vanity that matched the style of our barn when we couldn’t find anything affordable and the right design. By then we trusted that whatever he made would work beautifully and it did. We did learn however that George is not willing to compromise all the time. This is a good thing. One of the best things that George did for us was insist that we not end our project with plywood on the ceiling of our unfinished lower level. We were out of money but George would not allow it. He helped pay for the tongue and groove ceiling to avoid plywood in the structure. We took his advice and are thankful that we did not skimp in the end. We have used the upstairs living space for our master bedroom suite, for music playing gatherings and family movie nights.

Recently our son began college and we now have more space in our main house. With tuition bills to pay, we decided to rent the barn through Airbnb. It has been a huge success. Boston Magazine listed it as “A Best Pick” for New England barn rental on Airbnb. Everyone that visits loves the space. George and crew left it with a great vibe. We miss you all.
Barry and Jenny

Hello George,

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to God for leading me to you and for such a wonderful job you did in designing and building our car barn/apartment! And, of course, I can't forget to thank the amazing Amish crews that poured their hearts into doing their job with expert craftsmanship and great humility. Frankly, I've lost count of the many, many compliments, and the number of ooh's and ahh's, about how beautiful the design, how well built, and how functional the barn is!

In the past 30 years, I've built five houses and one office, and have always used general contractors for such projects. This is the first time I was called upon to line up all the subcontractors, and it was such a great experience for me. Not only because I learned a lot during the process, but because of you, George, always being there, just an email or phone call away, to answer the incredible amount of questions we had.

Your honesty in all your dealings, and your hands-on, hard-working style is something rare to find these days. And because it's so rare, it's so greatly appreciated! I would not hesitate in the least to recommend your services to anyone.

"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established"..... Proverbs 24:3

May God continue to give you wisdom and understanding in building barns and building relationships.

Thank you so much George for a "job well done, thou good and faithful servant"

Blaine and Claudia Bell

When we met with George he wanted to know more than just what we wanted. He wanted to know who we were, what we liked, what was important to us in life and for our home. He wanted to be sure it would be everything it could for me and my husband. I found this to be so different than the stories I've heard about other builders. However, it makes so much sense. There may be no other inanimate object in your life more intimate than your home. Shouldn't this much care and thought go into it?

Part of keeping our cost down was housing and feeding the subs who would be building our home. The sincerity George has is also evident in those who work for him. Most people could not believe we had the “construction crew” staying with us. However, to us it did not seem odd at all. They were giving us the gift of our home after all. Knowing Dennis and Theron the way we do now it would be hard to imagine them not staying with us. These two men built our home with such care, precision and earnest drive. They are two of the hardest working, talented, respectful and fun people we've had the privilege of hosting at the farm. I think we have spoiled them indefinitely with a morning of pasture raised organic egg breakfasts.

My husband and I heard a lot of push back from those who were accustomed to conventional building and from those who have built homes with other outfits - “you can't do that” “that's impossible” “that will cost you a fortune” “your builder is going to sneak in charges on you.” Oh, the list goes on of the warnings we heard, and of course, we loved educating the doubters just by continuing on with our build.

George's enthusiasm and passion for what he does goes beyond the norm. He gave us a gorgeous home way above what we thought we could have. He gave us a lifetime friendship with him and his crew. He gave us the key to the future generations on our farm. How do you express gratitude to someone who gave all that to you? -- with a joyous and humble heart.

In one's life there are just a handful of experiences that someone looks back on, such as their wedding or the birth of one's child. For me, an addition to this list would be working with George Abetti and David Hamilton of Geobarns. My wife and I set out to build our dream home, a barn style home that was super insulated. After an initial meet and greet in Connecticut, I knew that George was the man for us. As we left the restaurant he said that he would be leaving the country to go on vacation, but not to worry because he is almost always reachable. It was during this very vacation indeed that George started designing our home. Every night he would email me a new idea he had thought of and wanted to get my input on. After quite a few emails, we came up with a fantastic design and sent it over to David to put it on paper.

George knew we were pressed for time, since our house had just sold so he immediately started getting a crew together. Since all of his New England crews were on jobs already, he brought in John and Larry from the west coast. These two fantastic guys were willing to live in campers on the site for four months. Their work ethic and care shone bright and both myself, my wife, and our two young boys looked forward to seeing them daily. The attention to detail was amazing, the framing gorgeous, and never once did anyone ever try to cut corners or do something in half the time. If George didn't like something, he would just do it again.

George had never built a home with such high R values and I certainly gave him a challenge. I'm pleased to say that after countless emails, mostly due to my questions, we ended up with an r10 slab, r20 foundation side wall, r37 wall and a mostly r60 roof. Pretty impressive, since we didn't use a double wall....and kept our heating and hot water bill at $15/week during the primarily single digit temperatures in the month of February!

Working with George and David was a truly rewarding experience. You will not find nicer guys who will go out of their way to help you and who truly love what they do; it is an experience that my wife and I will never forget. We are both blessed to have worked with George and David. They are no longer our builders, but true members of our family.

Tom and Marina Outwater


About a year ago, when we started the process to replace an old stable with a woodshop and art studio, I was full of hope and excitement, but how little I knew of the joy and appreciation that would fill my heart for this little barn. Carol had spied a Geobarn a few miles from us, and immediately the lines resonated with my sense of what a proper barn should look like. We met soon thereafter and the design process began. What a delight, as you translated my crude design ideas into the Geobarn language of post and beam. We talked at length about all the windows I envisioned, and I know you were a little apprehensive. But woodworking and painting require lots of light, so we pushed forward. With the foundation in place, you and your team arrived with a truck load of lumber. My first inkling of just how wonderful this project would be was seeing how beautiful the first quality timbers and douglas fir beams were coming off that truck. It was amazing to see how quickly the team progressed through the stages of construction that you have perfected. Each stage was an awesome realization of what we had pictured.

But the best part of the entire process was getting to know you, Dennis and Evan. You have an amazing ability to find talented individuals who have never worked together before, and knit them into a marvelous blending of skills – each learning from the other, and the project benefiting from the diversity of their experience. As the barn rose from the earth, our friendship grew in even greater measure. Dinners together, planning sessions for the next stages, talking over choices and laughing about the challenges of the day made close friends out of co-workers. At the end, I think we were all sad to see the project come to an end, because it marked a transition point in our friendship. I’ve had my share of home improvement projects over the years, but none comes close to the total delight we feel for your work, your team, and your continuing friendship. This barn is everything you proposed. We ended up on schedule and on budget, but way ahead in satisfaction.

As we complete the subsystems and prepare to finish the interior, we frequently have other contractors and even town inspectors visiting us. Uniformly their reaction to the barn is one of appreciation for the quality of the work and the aesthetic appearance of the result. The most common reaction is a simple “wow!” Now we look forward to spending time together to complete the interior, bringing your high quality standards and attention to detail to the finish work. But mostly, we look forward to the joy of having our friend visiting us again.

Our best wishes for your continued success.

Bob and Carol

If you are looking for a building that has the following attributes:

  • Structurally adequate, beautiful and elegant
  • Surpasses all building code requirements
  • Highest Vermont craftsmanship and quality workmanship
  • Built of the finest materials
  • Meets your budget
  • An honest and enthusiastically intense contractor who takes pride in his work and great care to give you exactly what you want
  • A building that provides a pleasant, relaxing and joyful experience every time you look at it or enter it
  • Provides an unforgettable construction experience and a friend for life

then you need a GeoBarn built by my friend George Abetti.

My wife Sue and I first met George through Paul, a friend of ours who had a GeoBarn built by him (see PW,VA testimonial) in Kilmarnock, Virginia. I called Paul to discuss whether he thought George would be interested in building a workshop for us that would be one of the smallest (24x16 footprint) structures that he had built. At that time George was in the process of completing one of his largest GeoBarn projects for Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and we weren’t sure he would be interested in working on something so small. Paul encouraged me to contact George, which we did……. and to our delight he was interested and enthusiastic about building our small workshop. We met with Gorge and David at our beach home and reviewed the preliminary plans I drew up. After several back & forth e-mails, phone calls and input on a wide variety of ideas from George,………. he/we came up with a new modified set of plans for our GeoBarn workshop, that incorporate his modified post & beam timber construction with diagonal framing and met all our design needs. We agreed on a working budget, that we would provide the foundation, a place for the crew and George to stay and George would build our GeoBarn workshop on the foundation.

Piles for the foundation were driven in the summer of 2012 and the foundation, comprised of 6x12 pressure treated beams bolted to the piles was completed in September. Materials arrived from Vermont and construction began in October. From the start of our project I wanted to be involved in the construction of our workshop…….George encouraged this and I worked side by side with George and his crew (Curtis, Ben & Robert), as part of the crew… was a great positive experience that I will never forget. In spite of challenges that Hurricane Sandy brought to George and crew,… we were able to get back on schedule and finish the GeoBarn structure on December 1st.

Not only have we had an amazing construction experience, we now have a wonderful GeoBarn workshop and an unforgettable friend in George who we have built a long lasting and valued friendship with.

Thanks again George!
S & D, VA


One of my husband's dreams was to have his garage one day- a place to keep cars dry in rainstorms, no longer battle with a foot of snow on the roof and in summer not have to sit down and start a journey in an oven for the first few minutes. He also wanted a comfortable work zone in which to engage in whatever men do in their mancaves. I know that he had built up a file over the years with various builders and examples of their craftsmanship.

Well, this last fall we chose George Abetti. It is true that when you peruse his work, you are struck with the lovely forms of his buildings: Symmetry, bolt truss system, handsome walls, fresh, simple pine, Douglas fir trim, elegant roof lines, and above all, those precious cupolas-almost signature Abetti. With our decision to engage him we then had the added show in his manner of building with diagonal framing becoming a daily spectacle of clever carpentry.

We were nervous about the timing of this project-hoping to get things started by mid-late fall, the work actually began after Christmas. If there is anything to be said about George it is that this is an honorable man. With some of the horror stories out there about uncaring builders and shoddy work, it's like your house or car insurance: How good is it until you have to use it?

Our two carpenters, Justin and Morgan, arrived one cold January morning and so began our journey.

I was immediately charmed by their soft-spoken kindness and from then on, they arrived daily between eight and eight forty five with temperatures hovering between minus five and minus fifteen. I think there was just ONE day that the shell remained empty with a brutal wind and air registering at about minus twenty five, not to mention a foot or so of new snow swirling through.

I know our dog enjoyed them most of all as he realized that upon return from his morning constitution there would be two young, handsome, friendly guys to greet him, rub his back, and best of all, later at lunchtime, allow lunch crumbs to miraculously fall before him.

Every carpenter has his favorite music and we were serenaded with Reggae-somewhat of an anomaly in Vermont's January.

Day by day, the structure changed until quite quickly, say six weeks later, we had a weather-tight shell to be proud of.

We now have the loveliest little structure (to call it a garage seems cruel) which sits at the top of the driveway as though it has always been there...And every time we hear Reggae music we flash to Justin and Morgan and we hope that life truly treats them and their families well.

Thank you, George, Justin and Morgan.

Building a Geobarn is a lot like winning the lottery. You just can’t believe your good fortune.

The finished building is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. We’re just now growing accustomed to the unsolicited compliments. Our mailman, Henry; the UPS driver; passing contractors; and numerous neighbors (some previously unknown) have stopped to admire our Geobarn.

The quality of construction is exemplary. George and his crew really care about your building, as if it were their own. George took great care to ensure we got exactly what we dreamed of... from the initial consultation, through the design phase, and down to every detail during construction. He incorporated some thoughtful details that both surprised and pleased us, like a mahogany hand rail on the stairs. And, his hand-made doors are gorgeous.

Speaking of George, if you had told me I’d be friends with my builder at the conclusion of the project, I’d have suggested you were under-medicated. But, it happened. George is a genuine, warm-hearted, down-to-earth craftsman, and we’re thrilled to have him as our friend.

Build a Geobarn. You’ll thank me.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Vinette
Melissa Smith
Killingworth, CT

My husband, Paul, and I didn't intend to build our barn, located on top of a hill in Vermont next to our small getaway farmhouse. At least not right away -- we had met with George, thought he and the GeoBarns approach were terrific, gotten very excited about some of the ideas he proposed to us, and then tried to file the whole thing away on the back burner as a project to pursue sometime down the road.

But when Hurricane Irene arrived, sweeping away dozens of houses in our town and leaving even those residents who'd been lucky to keep their homes, reeling and economically devastated, we decided we didn't want to wait any longer --we wanted to further invest in Vermont and reaffirm, right there and then, our love for the area and our faith in its rebirth. Our ultimate goal: a space that would accommodate family and friends, provide more recreation area for our kids, and compliment the "summer camp" atmosphere that we wanted to surround us on our piece of this lovely hilltop in the Green Mountains. So we plunged in.

Unfortunately for us, as well as for George and his wonderful business partner, David, our "plunge" was literal as well as figurative. We were not five minutes into digging the foundation when the excavator hit a previously unknown well line, severing it and shocking the well pump into an early demise. We were not two weeks in when it became clear that the area we had chosen for our barn was more or less a swamp--every day our builders, Matthew, David and Lee, had to ford a moat before they could get to the actual construction site. We were not a month in before it became clear that the project was going to require more of everyone--emotionally and intellectually as well as physically and, yes, financially--than anyone had expected.

Most people who've done large construction projects will tell you that while in the end, it was all worth it, as with childbirth they have to forget the pain and focus on the finished product. Our experience with George, David and Geobarns was different. Despite all of the considerable frustrations and challenges during the seven months or so of construction, at every step we found the experience to be rewarding and (sometimes oddly) filled with joy. We never felt the niggling feeling of mistrust that can creep into such relationships, especially when the budget is stretched so unexpectedly thin. We always knew that George and David, as well as the crew, Matthew, David and Lee, were committed to achieving our dream for us and that they would neither compromise in this pursuit nor ask us to do so. We also knew they were consistently committed to building a beautiful and long lasting structure in the most cost effective way possible. Despite being hundreds of miles away for the vast majority of the construction (and, ok, despite both being control freaks), we were certain our project was being completed by GeoBarns to the highest standard and with absolute integrity. And we knew that these guys, who had become our dear friends, would remain so.

And now? The barn is gorgeous--soaring interiors, cool sliding doors, a glassed-in cupola. It's built like an armored truck--we barely need to heat or cool it, and it stays cozy and comfortable. It accommodates dogs, kids, snow boots, ping pong paddles, and a happy group of grownups with a bottle or two of wine. The barn is everything we hoped for and more, and, perhaps especially remarkable, when we reflect on our experience working with GeoBarns, thinking about the process that brought the building to be is part of our pleasure in enjoying the space.

Best wishes,
Jen and Paul

Dear George,

Thanks again for sharing your skills, your gifts, and yourself with us this last week!!!The physical result is a beautiful and rock solid barn - Have I ever told you that I love those diagonals, doors, and beefiness of the structure!:)The masterful and efficient use of labor, construction techniques, and materials was a pleasure to participate in, and see unfolding hour by hour. And if that wasn’t enough, your week with us allowed us to enjoy some good conversation, laughter, food, and some tears.Your openness, vulnerability, spiritual insight, empathy toward others struggling with some difficult things that life is dishing out, energy, and honesty, was a privilege to behold, and made for a made for a truly significant, enjoyable, and memorable time.

I could go on and talk about your cucumber sandwiches and scrambled eggs…:), but hopefully we will be able to enjoy those together again during a future visit!

Ps. 34
John & Linda

As I think over the past fall and winter building our “cranberry barn”:—several things come to mind.

First—the way Geobarns designs and executes their construction was ideal for my particular set of needs—which included a free span structure with high ceilings and a substantial space above. I also needed a shop space incorporated into the main shell which we were able to design into the project at lower cost using an attached shed as supposed to simply making the entire building bigger. Geobarns are quite versatile without escalating costs—and George was creative, mindful of my already tight budget and willing to modify the building to suit my requirements within his opinionated convictions—which we both shared!

As an example—I knew that the siting of the building would preclude a good view of the cupola from the driveway approach—and asked him if we could move the cupola forward from its typical central position on the ridge so that we could easily see it. George was uncharacteristically quiet mulling over that request—but solved the symmetry problem when I got my first set of plans back by putting in two cupolas so that at least one of them would be immediately visible coming up the driveway—and he did so without increasing the cost of the contract or violating his sense of aesthetics.

Second—part of the arrangement to keep the costs down was for us to house the crew—who were from Maine. Geobarns builds all over the US and allocates crews like a big chessboard depending on who needs what and where. The guys became like family to us over the months they were there—and although the barn took longer than any of us expected (mostly due to its large size)—at no time did they cut corners or lessen their commitment to quality craftsmanship and personal ownership of their work. As a business owner myself it is heartwarming to know that they were not just putting in time for someone else—this was as much theirs as it was going to be mine.

Last—this was actually a lot of fun. George already shared in the note above about the practical joke the crew and I pulled on him—but there were many good memories that will last as long as the beautiful structure in our property. One of the ones that most stands out was positioning this huge weathervane I bought on top of the” front” cupola. We had tried to do this with the crew with the basket crane while it was there—but it was in the dark after a very long day and after we got it up we all agreed it was a bit crooked and would need to be re-done—but without the critical presence of the crane. George—who has no concept of what it means to be 61 years old—clawed his way up the roof on a homemade shiplap ladder and tied a stepladder to the ridge of the main roof to access the cupola….with his only condition that I watch and keep him company 20’ below on top of the shed roof so that “if anything happens at least you will be there to see it…..” I watched him with a combination of horror and amusement as he sat on his arse on the cupola ridge for over a full hour juggling tools, the disassembled weathervane and his own tense emotions during the rapidly descending nightfall….but nonetheless--there the American Eagle stands—a testimony not just to the grand barn that now graces our property but also to the perseverance, love and guts of all who built it.
Craig Canning

When our guests first enter the market that is our Geobarn, they often slow their pace and lift their gaze and take in the beauty and openness – and that reaction is precisely what we hoped to achieve. When we first met George, we had a vision of a rustic barn that connected directly into our greenhouse, integrating the buying experience with the growing environment– the ultimate of local. George took that vision, internalized our dreams, and together with his talented crew, created a barn that is so much more than a building; it is a place that transforms the food shopping experience from a task to one that nourishes body and soul. George and the rest of those at Geobarns have been much more than merely contractors. They are partners and friends who joined our dream and built a sanctuary for fresh food.

With my respect and admiration,

Dear George,

Thank you! Almost exactly one year from our first telephone discussion on November 29th, 2010 – our barn was completed. From our initial design discussion until the last nail was driven into the final board, sincere collaboration and true artisan craftsmanship was delivered.

You spent numerous hours in late night discussions with me trying to understand the needs of me and my family so you could craft the perfect barn for us; your endurance and patience was truly amazing. Just days before delivery of materials to begin construction – Hurricane Irene pummeled Vermont. I’ll never forget the sorrow I heard from you over the phone in those following days; the communities you know and loved were severely damaged and your unbelievable lumber supplier was badly flooded. To my amazement, somehow--exceptional lumber and a can-do crew arrived on time and were ready to go.

The construction was guided by the incredibly capable Lucas and his right-hand man Morgan with periodic support from John and you. Lucas masterminded the daily activities with surgical precision and delivered the highest quality – as if he was building a barn for himself. Day after day, Lucas kept me in the loop and consulted me when appropriate for decisions. The crew didn’t skip a beat while demonstrating extreme professionalism and the occasional playfulness from the random interruptions from my daughters Isabella (5-yrs old) and Emma (3-yrs old).

The most amazing part of this experience was that my wife and I received a lot more than just a magnificent barn; we established deep new friendships with you and the crew. It’s hard to imagine the unfathomable truth that we’ve become very close friends that care deeply for each other. It’s hard to describe to the average person reading this letter how it’s possible to build such a sincere friendship with your barn builder. To them –- I say--you just have to meet George and see for yourself.

Brian, Luciana and the girls

George Abetti
Owner – GeoBarns LLC
King’s Highway White River Junction, VT

Re: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards GeoBarns
The Design and Construction Process

Dear George:

GeobarnsWe began our discussions just under two years ago, with our winery business plan followed by the very preliminary schematic sketches that you did by pencil as concept drawings for our Pippin Hill project. From that start it has been an incredible journey to design, engineer and refine our buildings, with all of its interrelated spaces and functions. The entire 15,000 sq feet of Pippin Hill Farm has your imprint.

It was an incredibly complex process with the multiple trades, a re-engineering of the main tasting room structure to comply with more stringent codes, expansion of the building to accommodate the bridal loft, the modifications to the cupolas and structure to accommodate the geothermal system.

The construction timing still gets raised eyebrows, as the mere seven-month construction schedule was intense, but in the final result amazing and exceeding expectations.

Through it all you were an invaluable and trusted contractor, and most importantly a valued friend.

GeobarnsSimply put, we would not have been able to accomplish the development of Pippin Hill without you and your indefatigable focus and skills.

We wholeheartedly endorse both the GeoBarns system and your ability to execute it.

With our very best wishes,

Dean & Lynn Easton Andrews
Proprietors Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards
North Garden, VA

Dear George:

GeobarnsQuick note to let you know how pleased Deb and I are with our new barn… its stunning!!! All of our conversation focused on the design and positioning clearly paid off. The craftsmanship demonstrated Andrew and was most impressive.

With warmest regards




It all started innocently enough…. I just wanted a tractor to better work the fields and manage the woods on our family’s place in Waitsfield, Vermont. Well--at first we thought the tractor would fit in an old shed on the property. (Did not work out as planned.) For novice tractor buyers, you need to be warned… from both an expense and a storage perspective, the attachments will cost as much and take up as much room as the tractor.

So we were faced with one of two options; either expand the shed to accommodate the tractor and attachments, or build a new barn. After not too much deliberation, it was apparent that a new barn was in order. We were all set on a modest, pole barn type structure, when a neighbor suggested that we contact George Abetti since he was in the barn building business. So as not to offend our neighbor, I went ahead and investigated a bit. So we contacted George and checked out the website for Geobarns. I still was unconvinced, since we were looking at a modest pole barn and trying to keep costs at a certain level. However, a complicating factor was that once we decided to build a new structure, it made sense to site it near our house. We had no desire for long walks in the winter to get the tractor for snowplow duty. Also, the closer the barn was to the house, the more likely I would be to visit, to service the tractor & attachments, perform maintenance, etc. Therefore, we decided that any structure close to the house needed to be in keeping with the character of the house and also had to add to, rather than detract from, the overall appearance at the house site. Once we came to this realization, the choice became easier and more obvious… we needed to go with Geobarns. We did have several quotes from other contractors. Yes, the Geobarn quote, when all was said and done, was at somewhat of a premium to the other quotes, but at the time we believed that the aesthetics and the quality of the build would outweigh the increase in cost. Well, since completion, we are convinced that we made the right decision.

GeobarnsMr. Abetti was honest, forthright and open in all of our discussions prior to construction, during construction and since completion. For our family it is important to deal with people of integrity--people who are up-front and honest in their communications and overall approach to business. Life is too short to deal with people who are less than completely honest. Conversely, one of life’s great joys is to deal honestly and openly in business with people and firms of integrity. Geobarns is an organization with integrity and it starts at the top.

From a structural and aesthetic perspective we could not be more pleased. The site itself and the barn fit in very nicely with the existing home and with the lay of the land. The barn is close to the house, but also tucked up in against the woods and hillside to the south--convenient, but also responsibly sited. Stewardship of the land is very important to us. As such, we wanted to site the barn as unobtrusively as we could, and also to preserve as much open and forest space as possible. George worked very well and very closely with the other contractor who performed the site work to accommodate our requests.

Also, George and his firm were enormously helpful in our pre-build discussions. We were neophytes. We had never owned a barn before. We explained to George the purpose for the barn as well as our desires for the overall site, including the existing house. Mr. Abetti was enormously helpful, not only in listening to our requests, but also in highlighting several important factors about which we had not thought.

From a structural and aesthetic perspective, we could not be more pleased. Everyone who has seen the barn, including local craftsmen and contractors, comment on how great it looks and how solidly it is built. Aesthetically, George and his men have constructed a beautiful building. Structurally it is as solid as a rock. Simple, beautiful and strong; these are the adjectives that best describe our Geobarn. The building has simple lines and an uncomplicated design. The barn is beautiful to behold. Construction, due to both the structural design, as well as the craftsmanship, is solid to the core.

I look forward to many hours of working in our new barn and many years of service from this great building. As a bonus, my wife and four daughters, the real decision makers, are thrilled with how it looks and how it “works” with the existing house, the driveway, and the overall lay of the land.

Many thanks to George and crew for a job well done.

BC Waitsfield, VT

GeobarnsMy Geobarn story started many years ago when my dream of building an AC Cobra replica began.

The one major requirement of our house purchase was to have a large garage space. Unfortunately that requirement had to get put aside as we fell in love with our new hometown and house on a quiet cul-de-sac.

After a health scare, I decided that I needed to do what I could to make this dream a reality. With money being tight I set up a budget, admittedly unrealistic and ignorant, but I pushed on.

From the start of my research I was quickly disappointed by the price quotes from most post and beam contractors, which were in the area of double my total budget. After more research I found that most of these were more architectural quality, period correct, mortise and tenon, hand-made structures made from exotic woods suitable for interior finishing.

Some were close in budget but would have required a considerable amount of labor. The closest in budget were pre-cut kits and seemed just too easy on paper to construct.

One barn contractor turned me away as he stated he only built ‘horse barns’ and wouldn’t even speak to me if I was building a barn for automobiles.

Then I happened upon Geobarns, thanks to a couple different posts found on

I spoke to George Abetti and we discussed size, plot, etc. and of course, budget. He too agreed that the budget was low, but unlike all others, unable to let me off the hook, he took on the task of reducing the cost of my build by substituting out dual sash windows for cheaper alternatives, revising materials used, opting for hand-made doors in lieu of pre-hung or garage doors and so on.

We discussed a 12 day build with these materials for my budgeted cost, knowing we’d probably go over and decided we’d get the build to a point that I could finish it if needed. This was exactly what I was looking for. We did all of this by email and phone while George was knee-deep in Virginia clay building the Pippin Hill monster Geobarn. Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards | Facebook

After removing 18 trees (I now have enough firewood to last until my kids are out of college) excavating the steep grade and concrete foundation, I was now ready for my Geobarn. Luckily the concrete floor was poured only 5 days before George and his crew arrived, perfect timing!

After months of pleasant conversations and emails with George, I was really looking forward to meeting him and getting started. On June 29th, George and his 2 man crew (Jon and Dan) hit the ground running. By the next day they had the post and beam structure erected and were flooring the loft by day 3 or 4. Every day upon returning home from work, I was amazed by how much progress was being made.

GeobarnsDespite my busy work schedule I tried to assist where I could but I couldn’t hold a candle to George’s energy and stamina. I so appreciated his (as well as Jon and Dan’s) inner drive to get this project finished within our planned schedule, sometimes working 10 hr days in the summer heat. I also appreciated George’s patience with my sons’ questions. They’d often tug on him to ask ‘what the buttress did’, or if this or that was strong enough. He always took the time to answer their questions with a thoughtful answer.

Each day the barn grew more beautiful and it seemed such a shame to cover it with siding! The diagonal framing is such an interesting and strong visual aspect of the barn and brings an entirely new type of life to the interior of the barn.

George and his crew pressed on full speed until our agreed upon date. They nearly finished the entire barn within the budgeted time, something we both knew would not happen, but came so close. I decided to have George and crew finish the entire barn right down to the finishing touches that we initially thought I might take on.

George’s attention to detail is remarkable. Every cut and every joint are tight and precise. The finishing touches to the trim and sills around windows are simple and beautiful.

The handmade doors are better looking than anything I could have purchased and have the signature Geobarn look and design. I would not trade them for anything.

On the last night as I helped George pack up his trailer (in the miserable rain) I felt bad seeing him go. I grew accustomed to seeing him every day sharing our appreciation for the beautiful details of their work, as well as sharing an occasional meal and good conversation. What a cherished friendship I received with this barn!

What I did notice last night, as I stood outside admiring my new finished barn, is that I now had a pleasant reminder of George, his friendship, his attention to detail, his building method and what a good, kind and remarkable person he is. I am so grateful for that.

I never would have thought I’d get so much out of a ‘barn build’. I feel that I am a better person having known George and I smile when I think that he’ll be touching someone else’s life sometime very soon in another town somewhere, reaching inside himself to share the love for his art as he did for me.

Thanks George- We will miss you!

Wayne Hubbs


GeobarnsDeciding to take on a major building project can be daunting. There’s the need, the desire, the dream…and the budget. How do you take what’s in your head and make it a reality? Equally important, how do you find someone to help you make that dream a reality? Someone who is talented, professional, fair, and kind? We were very lucky in finding George. Working with George has been, hands down, the BEST experience we’ve ever had with a professional builder.

Every day when I look out into our backyard I am reminded of the beauty and friendship that can come from total strangers who shared our passion and vision making something beautiful. We leveraged what we all do best to make our dream a reality. Our collaboration with George and his team was a magnificently orchestrated symphony, and it deserves a standing ovation! Why wouldn’t we want to share this beautiful experience?! We have “Geobarn”!! It is beautiful, full of memories and goodness. We will spread the word.

JRCC Chelmsford MA

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Dear George

GeobarnsLet's start with a very big thanks to Lucas, Ryan and Morgan, they are one hell of a crew and should be commended for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. They started this project on a rainy day with lots of enthusiasm and finished off in the freezing cold at the end of December with the same great attitude. I have to say that I deal with all sorts of contractors and I have never met a crew that had such intelligence and a love for what they do, it's such a rarity these days to have skilled workers that actually care about what they do.

As for the barn results, its outstanding, we could not be happier. Having never been part of something like this before I would like to say thank you for all your guidance and especially your patience, I know that my questions at times were probably a little cumbersome and annoying but you and your crew dealt with me with the utmost respect and courtesy and most of all you answered them honesty and to the point. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed that this ordeal is over, to me it has a great learning experience and allot of fun to watch and at times participate in. With all that being said thanks again, I'm looking forward over the next several months to finishing a few extra items but again all good things have to come to an end.

To anyone out there who is looking for a contractor that's honest, skilled, detailed, to the point, as well as loving and caring George and crew are it, don't bother going elsewhere it will be a waste of your time.

Very Truly Yours

Dave and Amy


How can we ever thank you for the beautiful house that you and your crew, Andrew and Michael, built for us? We absolutely love it, and hope to spend many wonderful years in it. We have so appreciated your integrity, generosity, kindness, intelligence, honesty, creativity, patience, optimism, attentiveness, wisdom and smiles!
Lots of love and admiration
Nancy & Michael

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Dearest George,

GeobarnsThe way I typically respond to something is in a more contemplative way; I sit with it, and usually alone. After you left, i did just that. I sat with the studio and allowed its essence to fill me. I found myself, as I usually do, designing its surrounding landscape, which is an integral part of this studio's existence. The studio is, in many ways, the heart of `Iris,' the name we have given to our retreat, after my mother. My mother was a very underdeveloped human being. She was abandoned and thrown into an orphanage at 5. She never had a chance. But, my mother did have a strong heart. In fact, she was all heart. And my choice to name our retreat after her (in the same way Teo's middle name is Frederick, after my father) was to not only resuscitate her heart, but to allow her subtle, spiritual being to continue to develop a higher imprint on our consciousness. By honoring my mother in this way, I feel I am learning to better understand the collective nature of spiritual seeking. It further strengthens my daily morning prayer upon waking: "I am grateful to be alive so that I can cultivate compassion for all beings, without exception."

GeobarnsYour presence in and indeed imprint on our studio also remind me of my vision of giving back to help serve the collective well-being. You are a role model of that ethic and principle, George; and I believe what makes this studio even more beautiful than it is, is the energy of generosity, giving, and caring you've infused in the process of its creation. My God, it is such a beautiful building, its design, structure, and aesthetic so aligned with the sacredness of its intention.

And so, on the evening of the completion of the studio's exterior, we head into Sunday, a sacred day, to rest and contemplate on how blessed we are to have you in our lives in such a unique way: with the artistic gift of creating beauty and a concrete image of what divinity looks and feels like in the conventional world.

Thank you, George,
God Bless,


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Hello George,

GeobarnsWhen I first called you in September, 2008, I had no clue what serendipitous wheels were being set in motion. My wife and I had our hearts set on a barn, we had seen some of your work, and we took a shot.

The process unfolded so smoothly that it seemed like we were just watching things occur. For almost forty years, I’ve had the dream of owning a piece of Vermont property upon which I build a barn and a house.  Annie has enthusiastically supported that dream and made it hers as well.  So, now with your assistance, plus that of your crew, we have this gorgeous barn. It is still incredible to me how effortlessly it all came together, on time, within budget, with about as few glitches as you could imagine for a project of this size.

I’ve been dragging around this quote for years. It’s a little long, but it just kind of fits with the dream and in particular, our barn building experience:

“Until one is committed, there is always hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

                  The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that never otherwise would have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man would have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now”


GeobarnsFor my part, working side-by-side with Andrew and Justin was a blast, certainly amongst the best vacation experiences I’ve ever had and over much too soon.  Even with the rain, the mud, and the need to work off of a generator, we made blazing fast progress and I learned a lot about the “right way” to put up a barn. Thank you, George, for allowing me the opportunity to work with your crew and to include my sweat equity in the bargain. That took faith and some guts too.

When Andrew and Justin and I had finished the basic frame of the barn, we had a little topping off ceremony, attaching a small evergreen to the bare roof peak. In my understanding, this symbolized growth, good luck to inhabitants, builders and designers and also pride of accomplishment.  It was a moment I won’t forget and a picture I will always treasure. 

George, Annie and I are most appreciative of your integrity, your design skill and your keen aesthetic sense. We are grateful to you for providing value and quality in a package that matched our needs, met our budget requirements and aligned perfectly with our vision for our property. Your advice on siting the barn was dead on; much better than my original choice. An easier spot to dig a foundation too, as it turned out.

Last fall, after the leaves were gone, Annie and I realized that the barn could be seen from a short stretch of Rt. 112.  The barn, viewed from that spot, looks as if it has been there for 100 years or more. Our barn is just perfect for us and sits handsomely and comfortably in its surroundings.

Thanks and Warmest Regards,

GeobarnsBack in 1986 I built my own house. The original plan called for an attached two-car garage. I was young and money was tight, so I built just the house and the garage would come later. Shortly after moving in the next fall, I trucked one of my boat projects home to the back yard and promptly built a  ‘temporary’ plastic shed for boat projects. For years the plastic neighborhood eyesore stood the test of time. I always looked at different buildings to make a more permanent shop. I looked at barns, steel buildings and almost built a few times, but they always lacked something that I was looking for. I was always torn between a boat shop and the two-car garage I’d always talked about. The battle waged on for 22 years.

Then last fall, just a few miles from my house, I saw a Geobarn being built. I stopped by many times and watched the framing and the design. This Geobarn was a really classic looking barn style building. I never thought I could combine two building types into one structure until I met with George. He talked about his engineering style post and beam buildings and George said he could give me what I wanted in a building:  a two-car garage with a stepped up higher larger bay on one end. All with full room above for workshop, studio, etc. No other plan or design I had considered before could do this. Boat shop bay, two-car garage and studio above: this was a three in one. George gave me some ideas on how to keep the cost down and stay within budget, because now I’m old and money is still tight. George drew up a plan and it met all my criteria. And then we were off.

GeobarnsPlacement on the property became an issue: Attach the barn to the house with a connecting breezeway more in tune to the original house plan, or build a detached building away from the house. George sided with my wife and placed the barn angled away from the house and set slightly into the hill. George and my wife agreed that it would be more aesthetically pleasing that way (they were right!). We made a few changes regarding window layout, but the whole time I relied on George to make sure we kept the classic barn look. Working with George and his crew was great. He gave me a price and stuck to it and he met my schedule. I could trust what George told me. Whatever he said he would do, he did. As soon as he told me he was going to do it, I could trust that he would and just move forward. He finished the job on Tuesday at 8pm and the following Saturday at 10am two boats rolled in for winter work.

Every house in the neighborhood has a two-car garage, but I have a Geobarn. Come visit.

Byfield Boat Barn

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GeobarnsOver eight years ago we started investigating building a garage on our property.  We looked at many options including stick built, metal buildings and prefabs, but once we saw Geobarns' Green Thumb Nursery in Westborough, MA we knew that's what we wanted. 

The question was "could we afford it?"  We contacted George and after he came out and visited the site, he developed our first set of plans and, more importantly, the first price estimate. With the large amount of foundation work required for our bank barn, the first estimate was a bit more than we could afford.  Knowing where we need to be, George willingly went back to the drawing board and by taking out a few windows, changing a few material choices here and there, he massaged the estimate down to the point where our dream barn (no longer just a garage) was a "go."

George worked closely with our foundation contractor, CJM Construction of Milford, to make sure everything in the foundation was built correctly for our special basement buttresses, which were required to support our fireproof main floor, an added expense required by MA codes.

GeobarnsOur barn build began on a beautiful day at the end of November.  Unfortunately, it was probably the only real nice day our barn builders, Lucas and Dana, would see.  They worked through one of the harshest Decembers that we can remember.  It was not uncommon for them to show up in the morning and have to shovel inches of ice and show off the work site in order to start the day, and have to repeat the process at points during the day.  Lucas and Dana came to work every day with a great attitude and continued to make great progress despite the cold, wet and windy conditions.  They were fully dedicated and committed to the Geobarns philosophy. 

In the end, the barn exceeded our expectations.  The look is exactly what we wanted, and the strength and quality is more than we ever expected to find in a building today.  The town inspector and local contractors have been equally impressed, with many people just driving up our driveway to stop and stare.

We highly recommend George and the Geobarns family to anyone considering adding a classic, timeless, quality structure to their property.  From your first contact to the final nail, you will not be disappointed.

Chuck & Cathy

I received a copy of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” this year for Christmas.  Two of the main themes of this book are the search for the definition of “quality” and the value of embracing the process, not just the end product.  This made me think quite a bit about the quality and process of building our two barns.  It is almost impossible to universally define quality, but one can certainly recognize it when it is presented. 

And what is good, Phædrus,
And what is not good...
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

The quality of the buildings is immediately apparent and has been commented on by everyone who has visited us since completion (and even during the build process).   The additional details that are not immediately recognized deepen this quality experience; the drip edge, soffit details, and hand rails are perfect examples.  Wanting to be conscientious stewards of our property that dates back to at least 1790, we are thrilled by the durability, construction and design of our Geobarn—all signs of the quality we had hoped for. 

GeobarnsAlthough our overall experience with the build is very positive, our experience with the concrete work done prior to your arrival was not very encouraging.  My wife and I were disappointed with the quality of work and dealing with the contractor in general.  At this point in the building process we felt conflicted and grew more concerned.  Our mood quickly changed as we got to know John, Ryan and later Dan.   What a transformation!  Here were craftsman who obviously enjoyed their work and took pride in creating a beautiful product.  We were both excited to take part in the build process and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, even if we sometimes doubted our abilities as carpenters.  When we were not able to be home, the daily updates allowed us to continue to feel a part of the build and were enjoyed by all whom we shared them with.  We also valued the time spent with you and the crew and took great pleasure in our spirited discussions. 

Although we expected to have quality buildings and to enjoy working in our completed barns, we did not necessarily realize how pleasurable the process would be.   We had what could be considered a Zen experience with the Art of Barn Construction. 

Thank you,
Garth (and Michelle) Patterson

GeobarnsWords can not begin to express the gratitude and appreciation I feel towards the amazing experience I had building my Geobarn. I never thought the dream of building my very own art studio would become a reality, let alone it be as beautiful as it is, until the day I met Mr. George Abetti. The entire process of working with George, from start to finish, was absolutely wonderful.

I fell in love with Geobarns immediately upon discovering the website but thought it was financially out of reach. I had priced out so many other options (garages, kits, even sheds) just to be continually disappointed. After speaking with George just a few times, I felt hopeful and optimistic and after meeting with him just once I couldn't have been more impressed and overjoyed.

GeobarnsBeing an artist, I had a strict budget and very unique needs, to say the least! From day one, George worked with me on every detail customizing my barn to suit my personality and specific needs -all within my set budget! Well before construction began, he exceeded my expectations; creatively planning, brainstorming and continually communicating with me. He is a true exception to most contractors. He always gave his artistic input rather than just considering it "another job". Building this studio was for him, nearly as personal an endeavor as it was for me.

To my surprise and excitement, George offered me the option of being his full time crew during the building process. We worked together everyday, joined by my husband Rick on weekends (YES, George works on weekends!!) along with my Father and Brother as extended crew for the really heavy lifting. Unlike anyone I've ever met before, George was willing and happy to share his knowledge and expertise, always remaining a patient pleasure to work with.

In 17 days and right on schedule my studio was complete. Never once did George's ambition and passion for this project wane. He is the ultimate "exception to the rule".

The entire experience makes me extremely emotional. I'm so proud of everything my beautiful little Geobarn represents: art, passion, inspiration, diligence and the inevitability of more to come. I'm amazed at my own capabilities, never-mind the integrity, endurance and undeniable talent of Mr. George Abetti, my amazing builder, teacher and now, very close friend, who I could obviously not have accomplished this dream without. Thank you George!!

Robin Luciano Beaty Art Studio

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GeobarnsI met George Abetti over two years prior to the completion of the new Green Thumb. George and I developed an amazing friendship as much as a business relationship. We both had endured similar "life experiences" which only added to our trust and confidence in bringing our project from planning to completion.

The Geobarns team was hard working and resilient. Despite some of the worst building weather imaginable in New England (2007-2008)--George and his crew relentlessly kept on schedule. As the project neared completion, I saw a lot of my staff sharing hugs and high fives with the Geobarn crew. Even my golden retriever "Fenway" and George's golden "Tenley" were celebrating!

I cannot think of any business experience that has been more gratifying. The new Green Thumb is off and running--far exceeding my expectations. George Abetti and Geobarns represent the true meaning of integrity.

Thank you George.

Your friend--

Larry McGoldrick,
Green Thumb Nursery, Westborough, MA

GeobarnsGeorge - Better late than never (I hope) – I’ve seen the pictures of the new barn you’re building for Garth.  The pictures are bringing back great memories for me.  I want to finally follow up and let you know how happy I am with my Geobarn.   As you know, I have been planning for years on building a garage to support my car hobby.  I looked at dozens of designs and was close to settling on a conventional garage when I lucked into finding out about you and your barns.  It really is amazing how everything came together with the end result being a beautiful and functional structure that continues to amaze all who see it.  It’s unsettling to think about how close I came to settling for something less.  The barn has been done for months but I finally got the cars in just a couple weeks ago.  It makes me smile every time I walk in.  I thought I’d share a few pictures of the “Car Barn” as it comes to life.  This is probably as good as it will look though, as I hope to mess it up soon restoring the green car.   Thanks to George, Dan, Matthew, and Ryan.  You are fantastic people and true craftsmen!

Auto Barn, MD

GeobarnsSerendipity, karma, fate, grace; what is the proper term?  Early wintry Vermont weather in late 2007 stopped my long anticipated workshop project at early site preparation.  The time allowed nagging feelings about the garage package to which I was almost committed to grow.  My lifetime dream of a “real” workshop just did not seem suitably addressed by such a package even with extensive modifications.  

Additional research into timber frame options from Vermont and Maine; of local builders and design/build offerings identified cost estimates and design issues.  I was increasingly doubtful of getting away from basement or shared garage shop spaces.  But Spring was accompanied by renewed hope and from a series of workshop tours throughout much of the state I found a particularly appealing workshop model. It also came with the highest recommendations of the builder George Abetti (Geobarn).

GeobarnsMy enquires were met with prompt responses, insight of my floor plan and exterior design requirements. Pricing was very favorable and all communication was clear, and concise.  I was particularly fortunate that a experienced, young building team was nearby and availability was timely .  Not only did Andrew, Faith, and Lucas demonstrate great mastery of the Geobarn building method but they were incredibly innovative both individually and collectively.   My extra requests of a special stairway to leave all windows fully exposed and the instillation of two old leaded glass windows were executed beyond my expectations.  No smoking, sniping or significant breaks seemed the normal professional working approach of this “A+ team”.  No surprise that completion was on time without additional surprise charges.

Typical rave reviews for the completed projects were exemplified by my local electrician who came after Geobarn contract completion.  He knew of the construction options which I had considered and said of the garage package alternative, “that would have been like a dog house compared with this.”

My deepest appreciation for getting me out of the doghouse and for sweet serendipity.


GeobarnsI had the immense pleasure to work with George Abetti and Geobarns on the design and construction of the Boarding Stables for the Homestead Preserve in Bath County, Virginia.  In addition to helping us achieve our programmatic, design and budgetary goals, I found the entire experience enjoyable.  The highlight of working with Geobarns had to be the daily updates we received from George about what had been accomplished during the day.  These daily notes not only kept me informed, but they were uplifting and made me proud to be working whith people who cared about the project—and the people involved—as much as I did.

Joseph E. Barnes
Celebration Associates, LLC

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GeobarnsWell my dream of building a cool unique old style barn became a reality when by the grace of God, I stumbled onto your website one night while surfing the web. To be quite honest, I really didn’t think I could afford to have you come out and build such a beautiful building. I have been burned in the past by a previous architect and builder and was skeptical of putting my trust in someone I had never met. In this day and age it is rare to meet and develop a relationship with someone such as you, in a short amount of time that I feel like became a part of my inner circle of family and friends. George, you have met and exceeded every expectation I had in designing, constructing and pricing of my gorgeous barn. Your attention to detail, honesty, openness and willing to satisfy my every concern was second to none. I could not have asked for a better quality building that has great character, warmth, beauty and elegance.

GeobarnsI also want to thank you for giving my brother in law, Larry D. an opportunity to really enjoy the precious days he has left laughing and working along side his fire fighter buddies in a common purpose. He is hoping he still has some strength left to help me with the shiplap ceiling. I feel this whole project was a blessing for all of us.

Lastly, I am going to miss you, John and Tinley. Like I previously said, you were everything I had prayed and hoped for in builder/artist/friend. Thank you for your integrity and thank you from the bottom of my heart.



GeobarnsWhat can we say but WOW! Thank you so much for such a beautiful barn. From the first time you sat in our kitchen and discussed your business strategy until your final visit to install the windows, you were fully engaged in our project, despite having to juggle a hectic work schedule. Your honesty, workmanship, knowledgeable crew and dedication to your craft were inspiring. Even though you were working in another state hundreds of miles away, you were always in constant communication with us making sure we were happy with the construction and that everything was going according to schedule.

So many strangers have stopped and asked if they could have a tour of the barn. They all walk away amazed at the quality of the materials, the architectural strength of the structure and the  beauty of the design.

Thanks again, George, for a barn that added the finishing touch to our beautiful country home.

TDB, NY   

Dear George,

GeobarnsThank you!  And thanks to Dan, Ryan and Jonathan.  Our collaboration on the Mill Creek Shop project has been a great success.  The building truly meets or exceeds my expectations.

As you know, I had high expectations for this building.  In its design I incorporated features such as many doors and windows that enable it to be a highly flexible work space.  Your modified post & beam structure enabled a multifunctional work space in a relatively small building plus space above for fabulous guest quarters.  I know the unusual design features presented you with some very significant challenges to say the least.  Nonetheless, it seems that no matter what I came up with you always approached it with a positive, can do attitude, often further improving on my ideas.  Working with you on this project, we not only had a great design/build partnership but we developed a close friendship that I expect to last a lifetime.  It has been a wonderfully enjoyable process.

GeobarnsI have many great memories from this project.  One was the time I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about a preferred solution to a particularly interesting challenge.  After setting forth the problem and the proposed solution in an email and sending it to you at 4:00 am, I finally got to sleep.  At 7:30 you called me to say that you also had been up in the middle of the night wrestling with the same problem.  Your solution was the same as mine.  That was good news, but what impacted me the most was your statement that “you and I are just alike”.  That was scary.  I thereafter tried to be not quite so intimately involved with this project, but to no avail.  I think we were both so fully committed to creating a wonderful building and doing it right, because it was equally important to both of us.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone who takes such pride in his work and who places such value on building a strong relationship with his client.

Thank you George!   


Dear George-

GeobarnsFirst of all, THANK YOU to Caleb, Justin, Jonathan, Rolando and of course you for helping to make one of my dreams come true! The way in which you and your humbly talented team worked with me from design concept to almost finished product (more on this in a bit...) has truly been a pleasurable exeperience. Having overseen a number of large projects at our homes over the years I have never worked with a builder with more honesty, integrity, patience, open to listen, attention to detail and passion than you!

Secondly, and back to the "almost finished" part, since you left we have been proceeding on the other elements of the Geobarn Carriage House garage you designed. I can't wait for you to see the elegant touches you suggested on the garage doors and stone work. Actually, Rolando has stayed on to oversee the masonry work and is doing an amazing job. I can't wait for you to see the truly finished product!

GeobarnsLastly, I know you have met a number of Cricket and my friends...everyone of them absolutely rave about our Geobarn. They are so impressed with the sturdy yet beautiful details of your brilliant design. I am sure you will be receiving a number of fact knowing how busy you are if you ever need a local sales rep let's talk!!!

Again, from both Cricket and I, a heartfelt hug for a great experience and new friendship! Looking forward to staying in touch!



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Dear George,

GeobarnsWe appreciate so much the fine building that stands proudly on our property now. A year ago, this was just a dream, it's hard to explain how exciting it is to have our own GeoBarn after seeing so many other gorgeous pictures from other clients on your website.

Since we are generally used to doing construction and renovation work ourselves, it was a leap of faith to invite an outside team in to construct our building. What a treat to have you and your team here, and what a joy for us and Dad to be able to partner with you on some of the work. We especially appreciated the personal touch and ongoing dialogue about questions and details as they arose during the building process. We also valued your experience, ideas, and straightforward approach around blueprints, material choices, and payment plans. Your enthusiasm and attention toward our project demonstrated time and time again that this is obviously more than a job for you, truly a ministry.

Thank you for a design that combined our diverse needs and represents so much to us as a family. We are proud to recommend your services to other folks who are considering a GeoBarn.

Best regards,


Dear George,

GeobarnsIn more than forty years in business, I have rarely found a businessperson as knowledgeable, ethical, professional, and practical as you. You helped me take my home construction project from conceptualization to completion. In the process, we have built a wonderful house which will be appreciated by those who live in it as well as those who pass it on the street.

I was struck by your commitment to helping me to achieve my goals without any concern for your own personal interests. There were numerous times in the process where plans were changed. Your handling of these occasions was thoughtful and always reasonable.

As you may recall, when we met at the Hanover Home Show (just 11 months ago), I was seriously considering building a modular home. I was struck with the approach you take to construction and the possibility of getting a higher quality home at a not much greater price. Largely as a result of your efforts, we will end up with a custom quality home at a very reasonable cost.

I hope you will post this letter on your web site. If you do, anyone who reads it should know that I will be happy to sing your praises in person if they contact me by email at, by home phone 802-649-1968 or cell 410-274-5800.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely yours,

William E. Lamb Jr.

GeobarnsLate one Friday night about 3 years ago I was scanning the web for an economical way to build an energy-efficient art studio on our property. I was looking at modular buildings, barns, and pre-fab options. Somehow I landed on George’s site. As I delved into his website, I was floored by the beauty of his buildings, and most of all, by the stellar reviews of his clients. I emailed him on a whim. Though my husband and I weren’t quite ready to build, I thought we’d better get in line. Considering the high praise George had received from his clients, I figured he must have become very busy, and it might take him awhile to respond to my email. I sent a message off sometime after 1:00 am that Saturday morning.

The phone rang a few hours later – at 8:30 Saturday morning. It was George. I was very impressed that he’d responded so quickly. Although we weren’t yet ready to begin, I felt we’d finally found the man to build my studio.

A year or so later, when we were ready, he was too – we were able to schedule a meeting within a few days of my call and work out the details of my design (which incorporated solar panels, radiant flooring and soy-based insulation). George gained my trust instantly by stating up-front what his costs were, and I appreciated that his building methods minimized waste.

Within a few short weeks of ground-breaking I had a finished building that is as beautiful as it is functional.


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Dear George,

I don't even know where to begin to thank you for building us such a beautiful barn.  From the beautiful cupola to the enormous basement, it is beyond anything we could have ever imagined.  Even though Frank and I are not the richest folks around we were able to work with you to build a dream home that no matter what the price fulfilled every aspect of what Frank and I are looking for in a house/barn.

From the moment I finally walked thru the door and saw how magnificent the rooms were and the openness and sunlight that shines throughout, we just felt so blessed.  It was difficult knowing you were so far away building us this beautiful barn but once we drove up and saw this amazing building standing before us, I knew it was worth the wait.

GeobarnsThe first time we met with you we felt that we had met someone who understood exactly what we were looking for and you never disappointed us.  Not only was it an amazing business adventure but out of it came a wonderful friendship.  We have had so many laughs over the past few months and everything has gone so smoothly that its hard to come to the realization that every night we don't have to call "George" to see how his day went or to eat dinner really fast so we can run to our computer and see the latest photos from a hard days work.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for being so professional and for your friendship and unfortunately we'll just have to keep in touch!!!!!!!!

With our love and deepest appreciation,

Janet and Frank


GeobarnsI am writing this letter to convey my heartfelt thanks for the gifts that Geobarns has brought to me.  For years, I have been dreaming of being able to build a garage.  But, such an undertaking is often not easy.  There is the matter of cost, yes, but perhaps more importantly is the matter of trust.  In whom can I place my trust, to care for my interests and to be responsible for helping to foster a pleasant, cooperative working relationship?  Over the course of the last four months, I found my answer: I can trust George Abetti.

I stumbled across the Geobarns website by chance, although I sometimes wonder if there is more to it than that.  After receiving what I perceived to be exorbitant price quotes from multiple sources for ordinary, perhaps even ugly steel or vinyl-clad structures, I found myself searching Google for some other option.  Upon first entering the Geobarns website, I began to feel that I was on the right track.  The banner across the top describes “Vermont Craftsmanship” and the pictures below show handsome structures and a unique diagonal framing system that is aesthetically appealing on its own.  Browsing the gallery of completed barns, I was surprised to note that there was not one structure, not one, that I would not have been happy to have on my own property.  There is a certain distinct Geobarn “feel” that is very warm and very clean.  After I finished browsing the gallery, I read all of the glowing testimonials about George and his crew.  My excitement was so great that I could not sleep, but got out of bed and back on the computer to send George an e-mail. 

Thus began my Geobarns relationship.  Now, months later and with my barn complete, I can honestly say that this experience has been as much about faith for me as it has been about creating something material.  Geobarns has given me faith that, in an all-too-often unpleasant world, there are still beautiful people to meet and beautiful encounters to be had.  George is passionate about his work, and is committed to providing his clients with a design that suits both their budgets and their needs.  He embraces the dialectical exchange between client and builder, honing the plans to perfection, as a crucial first step to ensuring your satisfaction.  He offered me suggestions for ways that I could get the building I wanted without spending more than I had planned.  He is an excellent, efficient communicator, whether via e-mail, the phone, or in person.  His charm and humor made me comfortable right from our first exchange, and have been evident in each conversation since.

GeobarnsI also must take the time to talk about my two new friends, Justin and Andrew, with whom I worked for seventeen building days to create my barn.  First of all, it is amazing to me that in just that many days, I went from a bare foundation to a fully completed barn shell.  Despite withering heat and oppressive humidity for much of the build, Justin and Andrew remained ever-committed to doing their very best work on my Geobarn.  I was truly impressed by their personal investment in the structure, which I saw evidence of in their frequent discussions with each other, and with me, about the best course of action in a given situation.  Again, I must speak of faith here, because these two young gentlemen played no small part in nurturing my belief in the goodness that exists in the world.  Justin and Andrew are pure souls.  They are kind, good-natured, humble, capable and completely guileless.  This is not a common combination, but one that suits the Geobarn ethic.

Building a barn is often a second or third consideration to building a “traditional” wood or metal garage simply because it is a lost art.  In my area, barns are not built.  Farms are disappearing, land is being developed, large plastic-sided homes are springing up, and a bit of America’s old charm is diminished with each passing year.  I feel privileged to have discovered Geobarns, because I can now appreciate this charm from my window each and every day.  My barn is beautiful and unique…there is none like it anywhere that I have seen.  In the short time that it has been up, I have already received numerous compliments from friends and passers-by, wanting to talk to me about who built it and to stare bright-eyed at its crisp lines. 

On the day that my crew packed up their tools to leave, I found myself feeling a bit sad, for one never welcomes the end of a wonderful experience.  The sadness has been replaced with joy, however.  Long from now, when I am gone, this barn will remain as a testament to the potential creative beauty of mankind, and to the potential purity that can exist within human relationships.  George, Andrew, and Justin, I thank you.  It has been my pleasure.


DD, Amherst MA


GeobarnsWe couldn’t have been happier to have you and your crew here for the past five weeks. The time flew by, not only because they were so pleasant to have around, but also because of the fact that, every day, we saw exponential growth in our GeoBarn. We were really able to celebrate at the end of every day, and did. I think most remarkable was the beauty of the construction — even if we, as lay people, aren’t able to fully appreciate the structural value of the building, we certainly can and did marvel at how lovely the wood is, how precise the geometry, and how carefully it was built. Most of all, we appreciate how gracefully the GeoBarn is integrated on our site with both the house and the existing barn to which it is attached. We expect everyone who sees it to be impressed, but only we will have the memory and the knowledge that every stage of the construction was really an aesthetic experience, and one we will remember with pleasure as we live with our GeoBarn every day.

We are so grateful for the care you’ve taken of us in this addition to our lives. Please do come by when you can, or feel free to send prospective customers our way for a tour.

Thank you again, and our very best wishes for the new year.


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Dear George,

GeobarnsWe would like to thank you and your crew for our beautiful new pottery barn. From the conceptional ideas to the original plan, and from the crafted architectural frame to the finished barn, the whole process unfolded like a choreographed dance. The building took shape so effortlessly that we still can’t believe we own such an awe inspiring structure. The perfect proportions and graceful lines of our new barn are so satisfying to the mind and soul. We gaze up at our perfectly formed cupola and admire the finished details of the doors, cantilevered roof, and suspended kiln room. George you designed our barn to fit us perfectly. Form certainly follows function in this building. We appreciate the practical use of space to create our "Hobbit hole" root cellar and the raised workroom complete with wide "Hobbit doors."

Infinite possibilities are available to us as we decide how best to use our huge second floor with its lofty ceilings and views to a grove of Black Locust trees. The barn is situated perfectly to take advantage of the winter sunshine while the transom windows provide that extra boost of light, giving the upper floor its own peaceful personality. We are very excited about constructing the interior with an eye to retaining the wonderful sense of spaciousness that is created by the douglas fir beams.

We would like to thank you Geobarns for creating such a creative, expansive and artistic space for us. It is the perfect home for all our future studio art endeavors into clay, glazes and kiln firings. And of course Bob’s workshop and root cellar too. A special thanks to the wonderful crew of Faith, Andrew, Justin and Tenley. Their skill, care and concern was evident at every step of the way. We have no doubt that we made the right choice by going with Geobarns. We feel like we have met some authentic Vermonters and made some great friends along the way.

Yours sincerely,

JBC Lunenburg, MA

Dear George,

GeobarnsNow that our barn project is complete, we wanted to tell you again how fortunate we felt to have found you to do the job. You were the 5^th builder we contacted, and you actually answered the phone/. / When we finished that first conversation we turned to each other and said "I think he really wants to build us a barn." Your enthusiasm was extraordinary. In rapid succession;

2. You showed us some of your projects, which were lovely, and

3. You came out to look at our site. We were amazed! No other contractor had actually visited the property. You had a good eye for both the form and function of the barn in its environment.

4. You listened to what we said we needed, and then

5. You told us how you based the price up front, clearly and simply.

GeobarnsWe were just about sold. We studied your website. We visited Bob Gasparetti's shop and showroom, which you built. It was a beautiful and impressive piece of work. Your "Geobarn" design is as fascinating as it is functional. We were excited about having one of our own. During the design process, again, you listened to us, which we appreciate very much indeed, and you created a design which is elegant, functional, and which we could afford, which we appreciated even more!

The construction process was mind-boggling. You started when you said you would. Mark and Andrew were the most amazing pair of builders we've ever met. Who could be more focused? They came, they quietly and calmly got to it, and the building went up like clock-work: site-built rafters; less than 1/8 inch out of square before you tweaked it; site-built window casings & doors; beaded corner boards; nice door casing; great chicken door; marvelous cupola; no nails left on the ground. Who does these things anymore? We are thrilled with our barn.

Thank you again. It has been a real pleasure having you build our barn. If we build a new home, you are it. We still owe you a loaf of bread. Soon!

Take care,


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Hey George,

GeobarnsI just wanted to send off a quick note thanking you for the wonderful experience building our beautiful barn home. I even got to bang a few nails, learn some new carpentry and design tricks, and be an integral part of the design and construction of the barn. What a blessing!

Many thanks also are in order for your crew, especially Justin and Rowan. They made my first foray into “General Contracting” and a construction project of this size a truly pleasurable experience. With their attention to detail, excellent carpentry skills, and willingness to educate me as to the structural, loading, and cost implications of the Geobarns construction technique, as well as the great fellowship we enjoyed during the eight weeks of construction, resulted in a truly enjoyable experience.

And this was no easy project. Although currently being used as a barn one-half mile up a private mountain road from the main town highway, from inception, the “barn” has been designed to be eventually converted into our home. Thus, a full foundation and floor system, full floor plan with window, door and stairway placement had to be designed into our 4 story “barn”. George made it all work and within budget. Sure, there were glitches along the way and changes I wanted to make as construction proceeded. But it was great to be able to immediately discuss the problem, and work out the issues and costs in a truly educational way. Through it all George, you demonstrated the integrity, honesty, and expertise rarely seen in the construction industry today.

I look forward to the day we begin converting our new barn into our home. I can envision a garage, barn, studio, and storage facilities needing to be added to the site. You can be sure Geobarns will be our first choice for these projects. Nice job guys!


DNW, Bridgewater, VT

Hello George,

GeobarnsGeobarns built a beautiful barn for my family (exactly as we had imagined) in 4-5 weeks under some of the worst conditions and obstacles imaginable. A big thank you is in order for Rowan, Nick and Justin. These guys made it happen… they lived on site in our RV and were a joy to hang out with. Thanks guys !

The project almost did not get off the ground due to a MA building code that does not allow wood floors on a garage floor level. In our barn we had a walkout basement, a second floor, 3 bay garage then a full upstairs. Since cars we going to be parked on the second floor the floor "surface" could not be wood. George worked closely with us and the building inspector to gain acceptance and trust in using a new product called Versoroc, so the project could go forward.

Right after our barn was started key Geobarns leadership had a tragic and fatal accident. Even faced with this incredible emotional and operational tragedy, George made the project move forward without missing a beat. Integrity at its finest.

GeobarnsThe weather during our job was horrific. Extreme downpours almost delayed the foundation pour and severe heat during the construction phase was a daily struggle. The team forged through and finished the barn in a timely fashion.

When our Versoroc delivery came a problem with delivery down our driveway ensued. Justin, being creative and bright worked with a local supply store and used community supports to get the delivery done. Great thinking !

The barn came out very nice and exactly as we wanted. The team was easy to work with, we had no hassles over cost and we were treated well as customers.

Thank you George, Rowan, Nick and Justin.

JMH Lunenburg NH

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Dear George,

GeobarnsYou, Mark, and your sons have crafted the ideal home for me. Many people have seen your Geobarn and all appreciate its strength and beauty. Also greatly admired was the tiny pile of wood waste.

I was cautioned by some about the negative aspects of just hiring someone to build a barn, instead of using a contractor. Still--my daughter and I loved what we saw on your website, and after visiting you in Vermont to look at your barns, we agreed that your design had more integrity, was a wiser economic choice, and far more attractive and real than anything we'd considered so far.

We both agreed on the way home that we wanted to have you build our home, and felt confident that we would be understood in terms of what we wanted. Part of that decision was based on your eagerness to explain the bare-bones cost of the structure, what adds cost, etc., and your directness in general. I had no trouble trusting you to make it happen--on schedule and without hidden costs--which you did.

Even empty the place feels like home; Gaelyn and I love it and can't wait to move in. Thank you George, Mark, Jonathan and Caleb for all your hard work. All of us have really enjoyed meeting each of your crew and feel so lucky to have had them work on the house.

SS Catskills NY


GeobarnsYes, The pictures are wonderful.

Geobarns is the real deal. The communication between builder and owner was clear and wide-open from first meeting through completion. The building was on time, on budget and on the up and up.

George was frank and completely open with the price regarding material and labor and professionally delivered with no surprises. The materials used are of the highest quality.

Faith and Andrew, the crew, executed the design with care, patience and thoughtful attention to detail. I saw them work up close and personal as I helped for a few days.

I am trying to come up with an excuse to build another structure and to use Geobarns as my builder.

Thank you for a job well-done.

Montpelier VT


Dear George:

It all seemed so simple a year ago when I called you about a garage. All we wanted to do was put in a pool and build a combination garage/pool house/playroom. Well it turned out that the only simple thing was working with Geobarn. Our house sits atop a small mountain on 50 acres in southern Vermont. In order to build a pool where we wanted it we had to bring up 100 loads of fill that eons of rain and melting snow had washed down the mountain. The day we started the excavation it began to rain. Somehow we got the foundation for the barn done and despite the horrible weather Geobarn started just a few days behind the original schedule. Almost by magic the barn began to rise from a sea of mud. It felt like it rained every day in the month of May and June - but the barn kept coming together. Some days we had to let the crew come in and warm up by the stove as the wind swept rain never stopped. Oh did I mention that we were having 15 8th grade graduates for a sleepover party on June 22 and that they were planning to sleep in the barn. We made it. The barn was habitable in less than 5 weeks.

In a project where everything was over budget and took much longer than planned Geobarn was on time, on budget and we were delighted with the result. The standard response when people see the barn for the first time is, “That’s nicer than my house!” Thank you George, Andrew, Faith and Jonathon. It was a pleasure watching craftsmen at work. Come up next summer for a swim.

NLS Marlboro Vermont

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Choosing GeoBarns

GeobarnsI solicited several proposals once the decision had been made to build a barn/workshop on our fourteen acre estate in Central MA . Three were three barn builders and a fourth was a skilled renovation/ addition expert I have had working on our main house for several months.

It was immediately apparent that the Geobarn organization was to treat me the way all homeowners only dream of when engaging private contractors. George Abetti was available 100% of the time. He never missed a call nor failed to respond to my sometimes foolish emails. His enthusiasm, promptness, and creativity exceeded even my stringent requirements.

My barn--simply stated--is a masterpiece, a product built by true craftsman who from beginning to end performed as if midwives with unrelenting attention to my needs and the delivery of a spectacular building.

My 36’ by 28’ Barn was initially framed when George was satisfied it was within 1/32” square!

I cannot express enough what a wonderful experience this was for my wife and I. George and his entire crew, Andrew, Faith, and Tenley the Golden Retriever are to this day some of the nicest, most genuine people we have ever met. My female Doberman would wake me every morning at 6:30 am and together we would await the timely arrival of George and Tenley. My Doberman Kali still stares at the barn each morning hoping Tenley will be there that day!

GeobarnsMy barn will be used to produce High-End Collectable Baseball Bats for Louisville Slugger and Major League Baseball. So impressed by the photos is Louisville Slugger that they have invited themselves to visit when the Barn is equipped with the machinery and ready to produce product.

I know of two new contracts Geobarns has pending as a result of traffic on my street during construction. Strangers walk into the Barn, a smile beams across their face, and I smile back and begin to answer their many questions. Often times their only response is a softly spoken “sweet” or “cool” is another term frequently heard.

Look no further than Geobarn. Experience what it feels like to have someone appreciate your hard earned money and work even harder in an effort to give you back much more than you paid for! How rare is that?

Thank you George, Andrew, Faith, and Tenley, for our beautiful Barn.

EDS, Leominster , MA


Dear George,

GeobarnsWhen we first discussed the idea of replacing our charming (yet impractical) carriage shed with a more functional structure, we had several desires:

  • parking for 2 cars
  • adequate living space on the second floor for an in-law apartment
  • architecturally appropriate for our rural New Hampshire location
  • attached to our existing home

Our GeoBarn satisfies all of these requirements and more. With the high sidewalls, we have 100% usable space on the second floor, resulting in an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings and no interior bearing walls or posts; something that would have been challenging with conventional stick framing and beyond our budget with traditional post and beam methods.

GeobarnsThe crew was always prompt, courteous and professional. We felt comfortable enough with them to leave a key to our home while we went on vacation - they even watered our plants! And we have to mention Tenley, George’s wonderful dog, who our 2 little girls adored. They still ask if she is coming, even though the crew finished our barn weeks ago.

George has developed a winning combination of design, quality materials and craftsmanship that result in highly functional, classic buildings that will be inspiring future generations of builders and homeowners alike. Add us to the long list of satisfied GeoBarn customers!


MAC Westmoreland NH

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Dear George,

GeobarnsAs you know we were looking for a new barn for some time. I priced many different styles from metal buildings to wooden structures. That is when I came across your website. I was blown away by the beauty and elegance of your buildings. I immediately sent you an email and you responded within an hour. We spoke for some time about what we were looking for in our building and scheduled a meeting to go over the property and determine a convenient location. What surprised me the most is that you were concerned about saving square footage that was not necessary and making our building suitable and financially available to us. I work in the construction field and for someone to be concerned about saving space and money that was not necessary was shocking. Every day of construction, our barn was more and more beautiful. We also enjoyed having you and your crew stay with us during construction. We feel honored to of gotten to know you, your family and your crew. You are all remarkable people. We could not be happier with Geobarns and the exceptional work, beauty and pride you put into your buildings.


ALNX North Haven, CT


Geobarns"I do want to thank you for the Barn. When you designed the barn I was struck by it's perfect form and character. I know it sounds odd to say but when it was done it looked exactly like your drawings, only more stunning in 3D full colour. Your crew were also a pleasure to work with and glistened very well to our thoughts and desires. Thanks for your willingness to add the walk up cupola with a view. Hope more folks go for that in the future."

DGL, Meriden New Hampshire



GeobarnsLast year we began to dream of tearing down the little, dirt floor shed next to our house and replacing it with a barn/ music studio. Before it would happen, we needed to wrap our minds around the idea that this was possible and affordable. As the months passed, we grew more eager to make it happen, though we didn't know where to begin until the day that we saw our first Geobarn. There it stood, a classic, hand-crafted barn at home in the Vermont hills. By word of mouth, we got the contact information for Geobarn. Still in disbelief, we e-mailed George thinking that he would be busy and that he would take weeks to contact us. Within two hours George responded! By the next Saturday we were at his home, looking at his barn and other barns that he had built. We saw that what we wanted was affordable and possible in a timely way.

A few weeks later, George came over, looked at our acre, talked to us, and basically sketched out our building right in front of us. He later e-mailed us finished drawings. Who knows what an architect might have charged us just for plans. He helped us understand what we would need to do in terms of excavation, concrete, electric, plumbing, and finish work. We felt prepared to contact the various workers ourselves. This has saved us quite a bit of money as well.

George and the guys were able to start work at the end of an extremely rainy April. Despite delays in readying the spot we were never worried about about our time frame. Less than six weeks from when they started working, the barn was a reality. Working with George and the guys was a Joy. They were amazingly focused, there was no time wasted, and yet they created a relaxed atmosphere. We have a new born baby and nervous dogs but there was never a problem. We'll actually miss having the guys around. We were comfortable to ask questions and to ask for things that we wanted. Once the shell was complete Caleb and Seth stayed on and did gorgeous finish work.

We love our Geobarn. It is distinctive, aesthetic, and functional. We were able to have it at a remarkable price. Working with George and his family was a great experience.


DSSS, Brookline, Vermont

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Dear George,

GeobarnsA hearty thanks to you and your terrific crew! Our barn is a dream come true for me, as you know, and having the building process be a positive experience enhances our enjoyment of it all the more. My husband has worked SO hard to make my dream a reality, that it is most satisfying to find a builder especially passionate and diligent. You worked well together, collaborating on ideas and working damn hard. You guys rocked!

George, you have an outstanding crew. Justin, Rowan, Andrew and Faith are people of great character. Bright, responsible, hard-working, polite and good humored. We enjoyed them immensely.

Any problems were met with a spirit of good will and creatively worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

I love the solid feel of the barn and the light from the beautiful windows, especially the transom windows. The pony spent his first night in the barn a few nights ago right before that 14" snowstorm! He loves his roomy stall.

Top-notch people for a top-notch experience. Thank you.

With warmest regards,

BDF, Notingham, NH

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GeobarnsI can happily state that "our experience with GeoBarns, you specifically George, was very positive and satisfying. As you know we are experienced builders and from our initial introduction, to scheduling the project, and building the project, the entire experience was handled professionally, honestly and to the highest level of quality and workmanship. You and your crews work extremely fast and efficiently and you stayed on schedule and budget. The few modifications that we suggested were always met with a positive attitude. You seem very interested in a challenging design and rose to the challenge for our "bridge connector", which I think really made the project flow. You are totally committed to creating an aesthetically appealing barn and kept those principles in mind throughout the build process. It was a totally complete package from start to finish and we are thrilled with the final product. Not only would we recommend you to others, we would like you to build our summer cottage in Rhode Island this spring."

RDW Woodstock, Vermont

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GeobarnsWhen we built our house in 2002 we thought we had planned a large enough garage to accommodate woodworking equipment in addition to two cars, snow blower, gardening supplies, bikes, etc. We soon discovered that while everything technically fit there was no room to actually set up and run the woodworking equipment. We were then facing a huge dilemma because building the house was not a pleasant experience - as many can attest - it was a nightmare! Did we really want to go through that again with a barn? So, we approached the task of selecting a builder very cautiously. After several months of research we selected some candidates including George Abetti of Geobarns. We found George on the internet and we were initially impressed by the barn styles displayed in his website gallery. Then we read all of the testimonials on the website and decided to contact him based on the good, if not glowing, reports. George promptly met us at our house and described his building ethics and style. We were still tentative because we've listened to builders' spiels before. What they say and what they do are usually two totally different things. Sensitive to our concerns, George insisted we visit several of his works in process and speak to the owners. Again we received highly favorable reports and we were able to see and touch the quality of his workmanship. And so we made the plunge and proceeded Geobarnswith George. We worked together with George to design a practical and beautiful barn to meet our current and future needs. He was easy to work with and very amenable to suggestion. In addition to the woodworking shop we added a full loft for a future art studio. Once started, the construction went very smoothly and quickly. As promised, well before first snowfall, we had our beautiful, finished barn. The only delays we experienced were with regards to obtaining the building permit from the town and pouring the foundation - neither of which had anything to do with George. Our advice to prospective new barn owners is to start the building permit process asap (4-6 months prior to ground breaking) and to select the excavator with care (check references!). As far as the barn is concerned, you will be in very competent hands with George.

BNS New Hampshire

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GeobarnsGeorge and the Geobarn crew made the “impossible” possible. Others had laughed at us for having champagne and caviar dreams and a beer and pretzel budget. Geobarns managed to turn Budweiser into Dom Perignon.

We wanted a wide open floor plan (beyond that possible with conventional stick framing), cathedral ceilings, exposed beams and most of all a final product with some character. Geobarns gave us all that and more. They completed it on time and exactly on budget (unheard of in the industry.) The whole crew was a pleasure to deal with despite braving harsh winter conditions on a daily basis. And the final product is a work of art sculpted from Doug Fir, Cedar, Pine and Mahogany.

If the box houses and McMansions going up on every corner are what you are looking for - don’t call Geobarns. If you like vinyl siding, hollow masonite doors and solid vinyl windows - don’t call Geobarns. If you want your house to look like everyone else’s on your street – don’t call Geobarns. But, if you want a custom home with a lot of character built at a modular home price - Geobarns should be your first call.

AKC, Vermont

GeobarnsWe're delighted both with the process of working with George and with our finished barn. George is a barn specialist who takes great pride in each barn he builds. Our process was truly collaborative, melding our vision for sitting, size and design with George's professional perspective on engineering, design, sitting, and cost trade-offs. In the end, our barn melded both perspectives into something stronger than either taken alone. Our barn was built with features that are uniquely George's and both practical and stylish, such as: diagonal framing on a post and beam structure, liberal use of inexpensive transom windows, and unusual and effective interior stall doors. Our horse barn turned out to be not just a useful structure but also a handsome and striking architectural addition to our property.

TSJ New Hampshire

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Dear George,

GeobarnsWe thank you for creating the best barn on Martha's Vineyard! It stands proudly in our back yard and people stop and stare at its grace, proportion, and beauty.

I once heard that the definition of a good workman was someone who "did a good job quickly". Anyone can do a good job - anyone can do a job quickly - but "a good workman does a good job quickly"!

That makes you the top of the list - you and your skeleton crew had the framing and beautiful green metal roof up in four days, and the rest was finished in eleven - a day early! No one can believe it around here.

The barn is the most aesthetically pleasing, practical, spacious 24x24x24 structure I've ever seen, and the cupola proudly oversees it all, just as the transoms on the second story enlighten our lives.

It really is beautiful, and quick, and affordable. We can't thank you enough for the work and for being such pleasant company while you sped through the construction.

Good luck in the future with this great idea! We're telling people to look up Geobarn on web!

TRC, Massachusetts


GeobarnsMy GEOBARN is a beautiful multipurpose barn. It has everything I wanted; very practical and a bit whimsical too. The crew that built it was courteous, respectful, and tidy.

NFG - Vermont




GeobarnsThe Barn that George designed for me is perfect for everything I wanted. It is beautiful, spacious, incredibly durable and was extremely cost effective. The workmanship of George and his crew was extremely professional and I was consulted on many issues to make sure that I was pleased with the project. Geobarns is an impressive outfit which I recommend highly!

BPA - Vermont



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GeobarnsIndianBrook World Village has as its purpose to empower young people and adults to develop self-worth, competency and spirit of community service and through guided adventures with mentors of all ages and cultures. This spring and summer in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada we are building our World Village and creating the spirit of this village--at once an adventure, conference and eco retreat center.

George Abetti is a "Guide" in this endeavor, someone passionate about building and great at it! He is helping us to build the IndianBrook Lodge and Cottages, all following the design concepts of Geobarns.

Nothing short of remarkable is the speed, efficiency and quality of George Abetti's work, as you can see in the attached photos. Underlying the "work product,"-the buildings-- is the positive process of planning and building with Geobarns; George Abetti led two separate Canadian crews (actually competitors) in a unified effort to build the lodge and cottages. In so doing, he set an example of what a great leader is. He inspired master carpenters and he taught younger ones what it is truly to apprentice to a master builder and a great man. He is setting a model for us of someone who brings the highest sense of integrity to his business dealings and to the intense labor, mentoring and artistic process he calls Geobarns. He helps us continually to put our vision into functional, magnificent and unique buildings.

We invite you to visit Cape Breton Island anytime to see Abetti's Geobarn buildings overlooking the sea and tucked into the hills, all the more beautiful up close and personal.

Dr. Paul T. Weinberg-Coordinator, IndianBrook World Village
Chair, Youth Adventure Corps


GeobarnsIf you want a unique looking, custom-made barn that fits perfectly into your landscape, you need look no farther than geobarns. Geobarns have a distinctive style of their own; the design is creative, intelligent and efficient, and the quality and workmanship are impeccable. We have had ours for 10 years and are very pleased with its sound construction, and classic yet original look. Last but not least, the price was very reasonable for such a quality product.

FBA - Connecticut



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To George and Justin,

GeobarnsNicole and I are writing you to express our pleasure with the entire experience of building our new barn. After pouring a foundation last fall we thought the hard part of getting started was over. Little did we know that the toughest and most stressful job lay before us. We started to contact contractors to talk about building. Some would not return phone calls, some would not show up to look at the site, and some would keep us hanging by saying "I'll get back to you sometime next week with an estimate." We had just about given up and we were planning on settling with a panel built "garage kit". This is when I heard about Geobarns. From the moment we first met George we felt comfortable and trusting. George walked us through his design philosophy and listened to our ideas and plans on how we were going to utilize the space. George was very straightforward with pricing and was able to tailor the barn around our budget without any loss of detail. George takes great pride in his work and his crew (Justin, Justin and Dexter.) The crew had a lot respect for the project and definitely utilized the same philosophy that George talk of at our first meeting. I had a great time working with and learning from the crew during a few days of construction. In the end, the experience was great. We are very proud of the barn and were very happy with the process of making it happen. The building is an efficient use of space, material, and labor. It looks beautiful and adds character that a panelized or stick built garage just can't match. Thanks again guys for the rewarding experience.

JBNK, Killington, Vermont


Dear George,

GeobarnsFor years the shell of an old cabin sat in the back of our lake. That old building had provided a lifetime of memories for many of our campers many years before. Canoeing to the peninsula for overnights on that spot with a cabin of friends was practically a rite of passage for hundreds of campers here at Coniston.

With your expertise, knowledge, and craftsmanship we now have the perfect barn for camping out with a cabin of 12 people. Everything is perfect, from the placement of the new building on the site to the details of the construction. I personally appreciate your innovation in looking at what was needed in the construction and customizing the barn around our needs. The sleeping loft, front porch and fireplace comprise a short list of favorite features. There have already been several campouts in the new barn and everyone raves about your work.

I know that this new building, which fits our facility so well, will provide a new generation of campers with a lifetime of memories. Thanks for all of your work and insight.

John Tilley
YMCA Camp Coniston

GeobarnsHere is what we love about our Geobarn: we love a barn - who wants a garage when you can have a barn. We looked at price - for about the same as a prefab garage we got a barn, post and beam. Talk about efficient. There is very little leftover lumber, a couple wheelbarrows. It's so beautiful we would go out and stare at it all hours of the day and night. The diagonal framing is beautiful - so old world - it has such integrity, people would stop while driving by just to take it in. (remember we use ours as a garage full of cars, bikes, recycling bins, and tools, and gardening supplies) the ceilings are very high so we hang things but don't have to worry about them being in the way not to mention there are no posts to bang the car doors against!. The diagonals are great for storing. We line our skiis and golf clubs and lacrosse sticks - even lumber for our next project.

There is even an upstairs. We use ours as play space for our very young family. Kids love climbing all over our Geobarn. There is plenty of storage in a loft above the second floor. This is where the kids play and climb. All Geobarns come with a cupola (another great place for kids to climb if you'll let them)

The best thing about our Geobarn is . . .it's a barn NOT a garage. A clean, simple, architecturally beautiful, very functional barn. A place to put all our stuff.

Vermont Family

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GeobarnsMy wife and I highly recommend George and Geobarns to anyone considering building a barn-based structure. From the first discussions to the final walk-thru George was a pleasure to deal with. He had a great vision of the structure, the technical skills to build it and was also able to integrate our ideas and needs. The result is a building that looks and feels great in addition to being wonderfully functional. At every step of the way we felt comfortable, as George is a clear communicator and very conscientious.

Did I tell you about the inspection? 2 good things:
1) We passed
2) He (the inspector) was so impressed with the space he asked for your name and number - he needs a garage built...I gave him your name and sent him to your web site...

Can't beat that!

KQBF, Hanover, New Hampshire

GeobarnsAfter a month of straight out work and creating a beautiful barn, what impressed me the most was that George brought in 20,000 pounds of materials and finished cleaning up with only two wheelbarrow loads of wonderful as the barn is, this is the first thing I tell someone who comes to see it.

FKP - Connecticut



Geobarns...the space you built me, an old fashioned two tiered library with an interior barn and beam style, has become my favorite place to go and do what I love doing with my books and art. The warmth of the wood and the allocation of light draw me in and keep me there all day long...a place I look forward to being whenever I am away.

BBA New York State



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GeobarnsMy husband and I bought a small house in Townshead VT in September 2002. On December 28, 2002 we had a fire in our garage, a Christmas present you could say. For us new homeowners this was a nightmare, a sign or whatever you want to call it. We went crazy just thinking of how to proceed. How we needed to find someone who could build another garage to replace the one we had in the middle of winter and within the time frame our beloved insurance provided to us. Trust is a big thing to us; so trying to find someone professional and trustworthy was the other part of our private nightmare. For that we did what most of us do these days, search the Internet. We found all kinds of contractors with all kinds of possibilities and promises that sometimes scared us to death. We thought it would be impossible to find someone and accomplish our little goal of bringing it all together. One day using a different set of key words in our search "GeoBarns" popped up like magic or blessing. The way George's site was set up on the Internet caught our attention. It was simple, elegant and straight to the point. We loved it right away. George insisted over the phone that we meet and have lunch in order to get to know each other better. When he showed up at our home that cold morning to discuss the project we immediately made a personal connection. His sales pitch was real and new to us: "If I don't like Geobarnsyou guys, I'm not building your barn". That was exactly what we were looking for, someone who was real and who wanted to listen to our ideas and dreams and that we could trust. George was someone who valued personal relationships, a human being, a rare commodity nowadays. The project construction is another chapter entirely. George and Justin (his partner) work like they are executing a personal piece of music. Art is the only word that comes to mind when I see them working together. We still can't get over how quickly he built that wonderful barn with just two people. It was absolutely headache free; we're not kidding. The diagonal frame, the solidity of it all is unbelievable. Makes us imagine what life would be if there were more contractors/people like these two "strangers" that became good friends. The barn came out better than we expected. It is beautiful, has all the space we need and wasn't expensive at all. We love it when people turn their heads when they go by the house. We have even made new friends because of the barn. Now we have a barn with a house next to it. We were very lucky to find George and we hope that you are that lucky, too.

CALT — Vermont

GeobarnsWe started out looking at regular garages, then we decided to have a room on top for visitors, a study, playroom, etc.. At the time, our major concern was price. My wife was taking ice skating classes from George’s wife, Catherine. When she suggested I talk to George about a barn, I agreed, but having seen the beautiful skating rink, I thought the price would surely be out of our reach. After meeting with George and discussing our needs, I found out we could do it! We could build a solid wood old time barn instead of a slapped up, T-111 sided structure! We shook hands and set the date for construction. I had the pleasure of working with George and his crew on the project. From that experience, I can tell you that George is a first rate carpenter, very particular, extremely fast, and a nice guy to boot. We’ve had a great many positive comments about our Geobarn , but the best one was," There’s only one problem I can see with this barn,…It’s not in my yard!" We are very happy with our Geobarn. It’s a beautiful and affordable enhancement to our property.

KMB, Hartland, Vermont

GeobarnsWhat can I say? George is a true craftsman and realist who exemplifies integrity, pride and an attention to detail. All of these qualities makes a Geobarn a wonderful product, and just as important, a wonderful process. George was able to guide us through the building process, which yielded more house in both quality and quantity then we could have had with other conventional builders. Incorporating a traditional New England facade and an open concept living space, our house will have a timeless charm and the functional elements my wife and I were looking for. We are just ecstatic with the results.

I learned a lot from George, and he has made building this house a most pleasurable experience. Big kudos to his crew, who graciously allowed me to pound a few nails along side them, and for exhibiting the same demeanor, pride and work ethics as George.

JMR, Grantham , NH

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Geobarns"We are thrilled with our Geobarn! George worked tirelessly to design and then construct exactly the home that works for our family. Not only is the building magnificent, but it all came together exactly in the timeframe promised. We can't imagine working with a builder who has a higher standard of integrity then George Abetti and the folks at Geobarn."

LKB, Vermont



Geobarns"From the beginning, after I found George's barns on his website, I knew I was going to build a Geobarn. My first call to George confirmed that even further, when he told me how interested and willing he was to work with me to build what I wanted within my budget. And my budget was a critical issue of concern. He assured me that his barns offered the opportunity to build a beautifully engineered structure economically, and he would love to work with me to combine my needs with his design innovation.

As an artist and student of traditional post and beam architecture, I was fascinated by the Geobarn concept. George's hybrid style of post and frame construction not only made sense as an alternative to the high cost of brand new post and beam structures, but offered structural advantages as well. Open, post free space, was one such advantage. The lower cost of standard lumber meant that cost of construction was reduced.

George's "signature" transom window arrangements were an elegant solution to ambient light in the studio while leaving lots of wall space for hanging artwork.

GeobarnsAfter checking out a couple of George's finished structures, and meeting with him... my wife, Karen, and I were sure that George was the perfect choice for our "little" building project. We were absolutely right!

Serving as my own general contractor, it took some time to work out the arrangements for excavation and foundation work, but once complete, in late December the project proceeded. George agreed to frame the 24' X 32' structure in January (during one of the coldest winters in years). Despite the truly nasty weather and cold, George and his crew virtually completed the shell of my new studio in three weeks. With their "no nonsense" work ethic" they really were amazing. It was very cold, but they showed up every day and worked until the roof was in place! Now that spring is here, I can look at the beautiful barn that will shortly become a gorgeous sculpture studio behind my 210 year old historic home in Walpole New Hampshire. The barn, fits the site perfectly, and has really attracted interest in the town. All the comments are the same..."What a beautiful barn!"

BKB - Walpole, NH

Geobarns"Working with George and Geobarns is an incredibly fulfilling experience, with friendship wrapping around high work energy, creative and intelligent design concepts, great construction quality, and outstanding communication before, during and after project completion.

Highest on the list is the added benefit of gaining a new friendship. The interest in matching the project to our needs and interests shows through in the completed structure. We have a family retreat that will be enjoyed for years to come, with wonderful open interior space providing a solid connection to the woods outdoors.

We continue to be amazed at the start to finish timeline of the basic structure including refinements necessitated by the sloping land grade. George rises to any challenge in the project with enthusiasm in blending his tried and true shell formula with the particulars of each project –this was communicated comfortably as we planned out our project initially and experienced first hand during construction.

This is great quality, with excellent design of interior space providing value beyond what we expected. We look forward to building another Geobarn again in the future!"

CLA – Brownsville, VT

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