Case Study: Modern Farmhouse & Garage

The Modern Farmhouse & Garage is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Geobarn home.  A two story open-concept post-and-beam frame with ground-floor master suite, built on a slab, opens above into a 2-bedroom floor with day-loft, lit by a monitor cupola. The home is connected to a two garage, providing a seasonal transition entry in the connector and substantial room above the garage for future development.

Lower Level Floorplan

Upper Level Floorplan

Front Elevation

Side Elevation

Style Palette

Simplified Project Budget

Project CategoryUnit CostsTotalsNotesPer SQFT
General Conditions$ 58,500Design & Mgmt$25
Site Work$ 64,000$27
Excavation + Driveway$ 19,500
Septic System$ 10,000Conventional
Drilled Well$ 7,500Typical depth for area
Foundation Concrete$ 22,500Slab-on-grade
Foundation Seal + Insulation$ 4,500
Frame and Shell Construction$197,000Structure + Weathertight Seal$84
Interior Trim$134,000$57
Interior Trim$118,000$50
Kitchen Cabinet/Counters$ 16,000Painted Cabinetry; Quartz Counters
Insulation + Air Sealing$ 21,600R23/49 (Above Code)$ 9
Interior Details$ 37,300$16
Door Hardware$ 900
Drywall$ 19,250
Tilework$ 6,2502.5 BA + Kitchen
Interior Paint$ 7,800
Closet/Misc. Hardware$ 3,100Allowance
Appliances$ 9,500$ 4
HVAC$ 37,700Radiant + Electric Mini-Split$16
Radiant + Split$ 32,000
HRVentilation$ 5,700
Plumbing$ 28,500$12
Rough-in + Drains$ 13,500$ 6
Fixtures + Vanities$ 9,000
Heat Recovery Vent$ 6,000
Electrical$ 27,400$12
Service + Rough$ 23,000Incl. Trench/Conduit$10
Fixtures$ 4,400
Optional – Woodstove$ 12,000Stove + Chimney – Installed
Project Total$627,500$268

*This outline of facts, dimensions, finishes and costs is intended to provide guidance for budgeting and planning, and is NOT a substitute for project-specific design and pricing. Some impactful choices and highly variable prices are highlighted, but specifications and costs can vary widely by climate, local codes and site requirements, and most of all, choices made in the design and finish-selection process. Notes provide guidance on some major cost items, but should not be considered complete.