How We Do It

We have the Skills & Experience You need for Success

As a Design-Build firm, Geobarns provides the full range of expertise, skills, and services necessary to take your project from first sketch to final nail. Whether your project is a backyard workshop or a multi-structure planned community, Geobarns can deliver concepts, plans, and construction in-house, saving tremendous time on development and overall project cost.

Programming & Design

Geobarns can provide design from the programming phase through complete construction documentation for our design-build process. The process begins with our design team and our client, and can expand to include architects and engineers required for the project. This can include:

  • Schematic designs and diagrams developed in-house, in close collaboration with our clients
  • Architectural and structural drawings developed with a professional licensed in your jurisdiction
  • Design imagery, sketches, or 3d models to illustrate or promote your project
  • Design presentations for planning, zoning and architectural review authorities
  • Specific building or land use code issue analysis
  • Construction documentation for coordination with third parties (concrete, electrical…)
  • As-Built documentation and after-occupancy review

Planning & Development

Geobarns offers expertise in strategic and technical aspects of site development, for a single building or for community development. Geobarns, and our partner engineers and architects, are experienced navigators of approval regimes in many jurisdictions. Our services may include:

  • Evaluating a parcel for feasibility or suitability for a client’s program
  • Initial land use and siting diagrams considering zoning and planning constraints
  • Developed site plans including parking, road, and emergency access
  • Proposed subdivision planning in collaboration with an engineer licensed in your jurisdiction
  • Sustainability planning for new communities, commercial development, or farmsteads

Conservation & Sustainability

Geobarns always takes sustainability and resource efficiency seriously, but our team can offer expertise beyond the basics. Areas of investigation may include:

  • Building envelope efficiency and performance
  • Recommendations and coordination of high-performance building systems
  • Advice on building controls and property management
  • Detailed recommendations for management of site water and soils
  • Landscape and planting plan and region-specific recommendations
  • Design for special features like rain gardens and permaculture strategies for soil renewal

Interior Design

Geobarns’ contract may end with a weathertight shell, but more often our clients work with us to achieve an interior image consistent with the structure and with their design goals. We offer:

  • Material and color selection, often based on completed projects that clients can visit
  • Interior planning for hospitality, event, and retail uses
  • Advice for business space planning, based on lessons from our many best-in-class clients
  • Furniture plans and recommendations
  • Custom furnishings and casework, ranging from simple shelving to custom tables

Visualization & Brand Coordination

Geobarns often works with entrepreneurs, hospitality operators, and brand managers to coordinate the message of a building and site with our clients’ stories. The Geobarns story becomes a part of our clients’ stories, and vice versa.  Our work might include:

  • Design sketches and drawings to aid decision-making or to build consensus with stakeholders, investors, or approval authorities
  • Sketches and 3d models for visualization and sales prior to occupancy
  • Planning and construction imagery and stories
  • Coordination with digital media campaigns to build awareness and anticipation
  • Coordination with fundraising efforts for nonprofit clients