Artist’s Solar Studio Barn

March 18, 2018

An efficient, compact barn for a Connecticut artist

This very compact barn was built quickly to support an artist whose growing scale of work had begun to test the limits of work from home. A very few custom touches, large triple windows and a PV solar upgrade, made this rugged structure as suitable for painting as for farm implements.

Late one Friday night about 3 years ago I was scanning the web for an economical way to build an energy-efficient art studio on our property. I was looking at modular buildings, barns, and pre-fab options. Somehow I landed on George’s site. As I delved into his website, I was floored by the beauty of his buildings, and most of all, by the stellar reviews of his clients. I emailed him on a whim. Though my husband and I weren’t quite ready to build, I thought we’d better get in line. Considering the high praise George had received from his clients, I figured he must have become very busy, and it might take him awhile to respond to my email. I sent a message off sometime after 1:00 am that Saturday morning.

The phone rang a few hours later – at 8:30 Saturday morning. It was George. I was very impressed that he’d responded so quickly. Although we weren’t yet ready to begin, I felt we’d finally found the man to build my studio.

A year or so later, when we were ready, he was too – we were able to schedule a meeting within a few days of my call and work out the details of my design (which incorporated solar panels, radiant flooring and soy-based insulation). George gained my trust instantly by stating up-front what his costs were, and I appreciated that his building methods minimized waste.

Within a few short weeks of ground-breaking I had a finished building that is as beautiful as it is functional.