Auto Racing Shop

March 5, 2018

This backyard barn houses a couple's passion for extreme velocity

Our clients, a married couple who are both physicists working on advanced technology, engaged Geobarns to build a shop and barn to house their need for speed.  The barn supports constant tinkering on a top fuel dragster and other racing cars, as well as the engineering and construction of a vehicle to attempt a land speed record.

Over eight years ago we started investigating building a garage on our property. We looked at many options including stick built, and metal prefabs, but once we saw a Geobarn we knew that’s what we wanted.

The question was “could we afford it?” We contacted George and after he came out and visited the site, he developed our first set of plans and, more importantly, the first price estimate. With the large amount of foundation work required for our bank barn, the first estimate was a bit more than we could afford. Knowing where we need to be, George willingly went back to the drawing board and by taking out a few windows, changing a few material choices here and there, he massaged the estimate down to the point where our dream barn (no longer just a garage) was a “go.”

Our build began on a beautiful day at the end of November. Unfortunately, it was probably the only nice day our barn builders, Lucas and Dana, would see. They worked through one of the harshest Decembers that we can remember. It was not uncommon for them to show up in the morning and have to shovel ice and show off the work site in order to start the day, and have to repeat the process at points during the day. Lucas and Dana came to work every day with a great attitude and continued to make great progress despite the cold, wet and windy conditions. They were fully dedicated and committed to the Geobarns philosophy.

In the end, the barn exceeded our expectations. The look is exactly what we wanted, and the strength and quality is more than we ever expected to find in a building today. The town inspector and local contractors have been equally impressed, with many people just driving up our driveway to stop and stare.

We highly recommend George and the Geobarns family to anyone considering adding a classic, timeless, quality structure to their property. From your first contact to the final nail, you will not be disappointed.

Chuck & Cathy