Auto Workshop Barn

March 18, 2018

A tidy garage barn built in record time

This two-bay garage, in Amherst, Massachusetts, was built with our client working alongside an experienced team of Geobarn subs.  From slab to completed shell in 17 days.  The front gable presents a well-proportioned face, and the secondary entrance to the third bay, sheltered by a cantilevered porch roof, creates some visual interest on the eave.

I am writing this letter to convey my heartfelt thanks for the gifts that Geobarns has brought to me. For years, I have been dreaming of being able to build a garage. But, such an undertaking is often not easy. There is the matter of cost, yes, but perhaps more importantly is the matter of trust. In whom can I place my trust, to care for my interests and to be responsible for helping to foster a pleasant, cooperative working relationship? Over the course of the last four months, I found my answer: I can trust George Abetti.

I stumbled across the Geobarns website by chance, although I sometimes wonder if there is more to it than that. After receiving what I perceived to be exorbitant price quotes from multiple sources for ordinary, perhaps even ugly steel or vinyl-clad structures, I found myself searching Google for some other option. Upon first entering the Geobarns website, I began to feel that I was on the right track. The banner across the top describes “Vermont Craftsmanship” and the pictures below show handsome structures and a unique diagonal framing system that is aesthetically appealing on its own. Browsing the gallery of completed barns, I was surprised to note that there was not one structure, not one, that I would not have been happy to have on my own property. There is a certain distinct Geobarn “feel” that is very warm and very clean. After I finished browsing the gallery, I read all of the glowing testimonials about George and his crew. My excitement was so great that I could not sleep, but got out of bed and back on the computer to send George an e-mail.

Thus began my Geobarns relationship. Now, months later and with my barn complete, I can honestly say that this experience has been as much about faith for me as it has been about creating something material. Geobarns has given me faith that, in an all-too-often unpleasant world, there are still beautiful people to meet and beautiful encounters to be had. George is passionate about his work, and is committed to providing his clients with a design that suits both their budgets and their needs. He embraces the dialectical exchange between client and builder, honing the plans to perfection, as a crucial first step to ensuring your satisfaction. He offered me suggestions for ways that I could get the building I wanted without spending more than I had planned. He is an excellent, efficient communicator, whether via e-mail, the phone, or in person. His charm and humor made me comfortable right from our first exchange, and have been evident in each conversation since.

I also must take the time to talk about my two new friends, Justin and Andrew, with whom I worked for seventeen building days to create my barn. First of all, it is amazing to me that in just that many days, I went from a bare foundation to a fully completed barn shell. Despite withering heat and oppressive humidity for much of the build, Justin and Andrew remained ever-committed to doing their very best work on my Geobarn. I was truly impressed by their personal investment in the structure, which I saw evidence of in their frequent discussions with each other, and with me, about the best course of action in a given situation. Again, I must speak of faith here, because these two young gentlemen played no small part in nurturing my belief in the goodness that exists in the world. Justin and Andrew are pure souls. They are kind, good-natured, humble, capable and completely guileless. This is not a common combination, but one that suits the Geobarn ethic.

Building a barn is often a second or third consideration to building a “traditional” wood or metal garage simply because it is a lost art. In my area, barns are not built. Farms are disappearing, land is being developed, large plastic-sided homes are springing up, and a bit of America’s old charm is diminished with each passing year. I feel privileged to have discovered Geobarns, because I can now appreciate this charm from my window each and every day. My barn is beautiful and unique…there is none like it anywhere that I have seen. In the short time that it has been up, I have already received numerous compliments from friends and passers-by, wanting to talk to me about who built it and to stare bright-eyed at its crisp lines.

On the day that my crew packed up their tools to leave, I found myself feeling a bit sad, for one never welcomes the end of a wonderful experience. The sadness has been replaced with joy, however. Long from now, when I am gone, this barn will remain as a testament to the potential creative beauty of mankind, and to the potential purity that can exist within human relationships. George, Andrew, and Justin, I thank you. It has been my pleasure.