Boston Backyard Barn

March 18, 2018

This suburban barn brings charm to backyard social life

Located in a narrow slot at the end of the driveway adjacent to a ranch home in the Boston suburbs, this barn helped our clients transform their backyard into a terrific social space.  Conceived to both provide a long-needed garage and a recreation loft above, Geobarns worked with our clients to design the barn such that it presented different, but equally appealing elevations to front and side. Our clients complemented the new barn with a tidy stone terrace, landscaping and furniture, to make their yard match their generous, effortless hospitality. The collaboration with our clients and subs made this one of the most successful small garage barns Geobarns has done.

Deciding to take on a major building project can be daunting. There’s the need, the desire, the dream…and the budget. How do you take what’s in your head and make it a reality? Equally important, how do you find someone to help you make that dream a reality? Someone who is talented, professional, fair, and kind? We were very lucky in finding George. Working with George has been, hands down, the BEST experience we’ve ever had with a professional builder.

Every day when I look out into our backyard I am reminded of the beauty and friendship that can come from total strangers who shared our passion and vision making something beautiful. We leveraged what we all do best to make our dream a reality. Our collaboration with George and his team was a magnificently orchestrated symphony, and it deserves a standing ovation! Why wouldn’t we want to share this beautiful experience?! We have “Geobarn”!! It is beautiful, full of memories and goodness. We will spread the word.

JRCC – Chelmsford MA