Catskills Eco-Cottage

March 6, 2018

This small-footprint, high efficiency home is perched among mature forest

For this project, we assembled an all-star team of contractors and advisers in the Hudson Valley region, with the goal of creating a showpiece sustainable home.  Starting from a modest footprint and flexible plan, the team considered every aspect of the structure and finishes, developing a high-efficiency envelope and sustainably sourcing many of the materials and equipment. The build attracted coverage by the The New York Green Advocate for the unique construction methods of Geobarns and the close attention to preservation of the building site.

One of the best things about the way George works, besides his “be a good steward” advocacy, which by the way, echoes the philosophical – advocacy aspects of the wonderful Living Building Challenge – is Geobarn’s innovative diagonal framing technique that George invented. This framing technique uses less wood than conventional wood framing while being stronger engineering wise. It’s timber frame style so there is no need for any interior walls or support structure leaving how you design the interior space incredibly open, adaptable and flexible for future needs or space planning. The lumber used is also sourced regionally (Vermont) and comes from sustainably managed forests.


New York