Coastal Wodworking Barn

March 18, 2018

This barn in a beach town is unusual in nearly every detail

I have been working in Hampton VA–finishing up the petite but industrially complex workshop for my delightful and meticulously thorough client…who has been planning and realizing this in his dreams for a couple of decades now. Retiring a couple of months ago after 48+ years working for Newport News Shipbuilding Systems he has turned his full energy and attention to the shop–so we worked out a deal where I would come and work with him to finish out the interior–or as much as possible of it–in a week’s time.

We are both in love with this building–and because of this common bond–have both found a friend for life and for me a place that was hard to leave this evening after a long day of running shiplap. He’ll be at it for months to come and their doors will always be open for another visit–anytime.

There is simply no way to express thanksgiving for such a gift….looking in my rear view mirror at the ship’s lantern glowing softly in the cupola….on my way.

If you are looking for a building that has the following attributes:

Structurally adequate, beautiful and elegant
Surpasses all building code requirements
Highest Vermont craftsmanship and quality workmanship
Built of the finest materials
Meets your budget
An honest and enthusiastically intense contractor who takes pride in his work and great care to give you exactly what you want
A building that provides a pleasant, relaxing and joyful experience every time you look at it or enter it
Provides an unforgettable construction experience and a friend for life
then you need a GeoBarn built by my friend George Abetti.

My wife Sue and I first met George through Paul, a friend of ours who had a GeoBarn built by him. I called Paul to discuss whether he thought George would be interested in building a workshop for us that would be one of the smallest (24×16 footprint) structures that he had built. At that time George was in the process of completing one of his largest GeoBarn projects for Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and we weren’t sure he would be interested in working on something so small. Paul encouraged me to contact George, which we did……. and to our delight he was interested and enthusiastic about building our small workshop. We met with George and David at our beach home and reviewed the preliminary plans I drew up. After several back & forth e-mails, phone calls and input on a wide variety of ideas from George,………. he/we came up with a new modified set of plans for our GeoBarn workshop, that incorporate his modified post & beam timber construction with diagonal framing and met all our design needs. We agreed on a working budget, that we would provide the foundation, a place for the crew and George to stay and George would build our GeoBarn workshop on the foundation.

From the start of our project I wanted to be involved in the construction of our workshop…….George encouraged this and I worked side by side with George and his crew (Curtis, Ben & Robert), as part of the crew… was a great positive experience that I will never forget. In spite of challenges that Hurricane Sandy brought to George and crew,… we were able to get back on schedule and finish the GeoBarn structure on December 1st.

Not only have we had an amazing construction experience, we now have a wonderful GeoBarn workshop and an unforgettable friend in George who we have built a long lasting and valued friendship with.

Thanks again George!
S & D, VA