Connecticut Carriage House

March 5, 2018

This unusual carriage house maximizes usable space on a suburban parcel

Very restrictive town zoning codes shaped this unusual carriage house, nestled between an existing home, mature trees, setbacks and infrastructure. The Geobarn frame was adapted with a substantial upper story dormer to capture space and views of adjacent conserved land. The resulting loft-like space is a terrific hangout for the family, including hammocks suspended from the Geobarn’s rafter tie beams.

As lovely as this little barn is–it’s beauty is secondary to the joy of the relationship I developed with the crew of Spencer and Lee whose hard work resulted in not only this winsome work of art but in a deep friendship that will only grow. The guys were simply great–as was our client, who while gone a great deal, gave us the keys to the house and made us thoroughly welcome. It is hard to overstate the impact of the privilege of living in someone’s home–without which we would be relegated to sterile motels, lots of pizza, and no real place to settle in.

I have made a commitment that I will not build apart from training a crew in tandem with the project–so when Lee and Spencer called wanting to know if there was work–I jumped at the chance to not only have a great couple of carpenters on a time compressed job, but also at preparing them for a large project coming up this summer in their home state of Maine. They were also hungry to learn and we figured we could pull this off in three weeks–which is what it took…along with some snow, ice and torrential rain over a three day weekend–marooning them in the house until it blew over.

It was hard to leave–now we have something we cherish and painful to lose/miss while far apart—but they are eager to be back for the interior as the genesis of a new and skilled crew.