Connecticut Farm Garage and Shop

March 18, 2018

This small garage and shop complements its farm landscape

Dear George,

Thanks again for sharing your skills, your gifts, and yourself with us this last week!!!The physical result is a beautiful and rock solid barn – Have I ever told you that I love those diagonals, doors, and beefiness of the structure!:)The masterful and efficient use of labor, construction techniques, and materials was a pleasure to participate in, and see unfolding hour by hour. And if that wasn’t enough, your week with us allowed us to enjoy some good conversation, laughter, food, and some tears.Your openness, vulnerability, spiritual insight, empathy toward others struggling with some difficult things that life is dishing out, energy, and honesty, was a privilege to behold, and made for a made for a truly significant, enjoyable, and memorable time.

I could go on and talk about your cucumber sandwiches and scrambled eggs…:), but hopefully we will be able to enjoy those together again during a future visit!

Ps. 34

John & Linda