Cranberry Barn

March 9, 2017

This barn provides a new central work and storage space for a working cranberry farm on Cape Cod, in an attractive package that complements the farmer's nearby home.

A successful Cape Cod cranberry grower required a central equipment barn and shop.  Previous designs had envisioned a much larger facility, which presented challenges to both budget and siting.  Geobarns worked with the client to accommodate all of his needs in a tidy two-story arrangement, substantially reducing cost and resulting in a more attractive and historic building profile.  The resulting 30′ x 60′ barn volume, with an attached 12′ x 60′ shop integrates the required uses, allows the flexible use of storage and work areas, and provides a separate upper-story recreation room and “man cave.”

The way Geobarns designs and executes their construction was ideal for my particular set of needs—which included a free span structure with high ceilings and a substantial space above. I also needed a shop space incorporated into the main shell which we were able to design into the project at lower cost using an attached shed as supposed to simply making the entire building bigger. Geobarns are quite versatile without escalating costs—and George was creative, mindful of my already tight budget and willing to modify the building to suit my requirements within his opinionated convictions—which we both shared!

There were many good memories that will last as long as the beautiful structure in our property. One of the ones that most stands out was positioning this huge weathervane I bought on top of the” front” cupola… it was in the dark after a very long day and after we got it up we all agreed it was a bit crooked and would need to be re-done—but without the crane. George—who has no concept of what it means to be 61 years old—clawed his way up the roof on a homemade shiplap ladder… I watched him with a combination of horror and amusement for over a full hour juggling tools, the disassembled weathervane and his own tense emotions during the rapidly descending nightfall….but nonetheless–there the American Eagle stands—a testimony not just to the grand barn that now graces our property but also to the perseverance, love and guts of all who built it.