Creekside Home

March 12, 2018

After the flood, a more resilient home is built to last

Following catastrophic flooding from storms Irene and Sandy, our clients spent years figuring out how to rebuild on their beloved country property.  Both city based musicians, they cherished their property on Esopus Creek, where they always find a respite from the city.  Quiet enjoyment can take a lot of work, though.  Five years seeking help from FEMA, and substantial changes to flood regulation basically removed a third of their property from consideration as they sought to rebuild, and ensured that their new home would have a dramatically different relationship to the creek.  The clients and team found a way to place a delicately proportioned and simple house on the massive flood-vented basement now required.  At just 32′ x 24′, the footprint in the flood hazard is minimized, but the modest setback of the upper floors allows a soaring living room space at the view end of the home.  Our craftsmen came to admire these clients artistry, and secretly endowed the building’s gables with subtly carved musical clefs to mark for prosperity their love for music, for each other, and for this place.

New York