Garage and Entertaining Space

March 15, 2018

This replacement for a lost garage became a cafe for friends

This barn was built on the same foundation where the client’s garage burned down — started in winter by clearing out the debris and then moving to create a coffee shop entertainment area downstairs with a residential uptairs intended for future use. Inside the front truss bay section is vaulted up to the collar ties, to create a large and airy feeling in a petite space. Originally intended for garage use as well, the clients were so excited about the completed shells that they decided to use it entirely for their personal and social use!

My husband and I bought a small house in Townshead VT in September 2002. On December 28, 2002 we had a fire in our garage, a Christmas present you could say. For us new homeowners this was a nightmare, a sign or whatever you want to call it. We went crazy just thinking of how to proceed. How we needed to find someone who could build another garage to replace the one we had in the middle of winter and within the time frame our beloved insurance provided to us. Trust is a big thing to us; so trying to find someone professional and trustworthy was the other part of our private nightmare. For that we did what most of us do these days, search the Internet. We found all kinds of contractors with all kinds of possibilities and promises that sometimes scared us to death. We thought it would be impossible to find someone and accomplish our little goal of bringing it all together. One day using a different set of key words in our search “GeoBarns” popped up like magic or blessing. The way George’s site was set up on the Internet caught our attention. It was simple, elegant and straight to the point. We loved it right away.

George insisted over the phone that we meet and have lunch in order to get to know each other better. When he showed up at our home that cold morning to discuss the project we immediately made a personal connection. His sales pitch was real and new to us: “If I don’t like you guys, I’m not building your barn”. That was exactly what we were looking for, someone who was real and who wanted to listen to our ideas and dreams and that we could trust. George was someone who valued personal relationships, a human being, a rare commodity nowadays. The project construction is another chapter entirely. George and Justin (his partner) work like they are executing a personal piece of music. Art is the only word that comes to mind when I see them working together. We still can’t get over how quickly he built that wonderful barn with just two people. It was absolutely headache free; we’re not kidding. The diagonal frame, the solidity of it all is unbelievable. Makes us imagine what life would be if there were more contractors/people like these two “strangers” that became good friends. The barn came out better than we expected. It is beautiful, has all the space we need and wasn’t expensive at all. We love it when people turn their heads when they go by the house. We have even made new friends because of the barn. Now we have a barn with a house next to it. We were very lucky to find George and we hope that you are that lucky, too.