High Efficiency Home

March 6, 2018

This home for a sustainability enthusiast approaches the highest standards

Our client, teacher and amateur sustainability expert, enlisted Geobarns to build an affordable rural home to the highest standards of energy efficiency.  Already a highly efficient shell, this Geobarn adds substantial envelope insulation inside and out, and includes triple glazed windows and state of the art mechanical systems.  Immediately following the build, an historic month-long cold snap tested the home, and our client’s heating bills passed the test.  Geobarns was pleased to work with such an exacting client expectation, and the design remains classic Geobarn.  Long clear span interiors offer flexible open spaces for this young family, and the high central space floods the occupied floors with natural light throughout the day.  A few years after the initial build, our clients came back to add the originally planned garage and connector porch, as well as some landscaping that makes the whole project sing.

In one’s life there are just a handful of experiences that someone looks back on, such as their wedding or the birth of one’s child. For me, an addition to this list would be working with George and David of Geobarns. My wife and I set out to build our dream home, a barn style home that was super insulated. After an initial meet and greet in Connecticut, I knew that George was the man for us. As we left the restaurant he said that he would be leaving the country to go on vacation, but not to worry because he is almost always reachable. It was during this very vacation indeed that George started designing our home. Every night he would email me a new idea he had thought of and wanted to get my input on. After quite a few emails, we came up with a fantastic design and sent it over to David to put it on paper.

George knew we were pressed for time, since our house had just sold so he immediately started getting a crew together. Since all of his New England crews were on jobs already, he brought in John and Larry from the west coast. These two fantastic guys were willing to live in campers on the site for four months. Their work ethic and care shone bright and both myself, my wife, and our two young boys looked forward to seeing them daily. The attention to detail was amazing, the framing gorgeous, and never once did anyone ever try to cut corners or do something in half the time. If George didn’t like something, he would just do it again.

George had never built a home with such high R values and I certainly gave him a challenge. I’m pleased to say that after countless emails, mostly due to my questions, we ended up with an r10 slab, r20 foundation side wall, r37 wall and a mostly r60 roof. Pretty impressive, since we didn’t use a double wall….and kept our heating and hot water bill at $15/week during the primarily single digit temperatures in the month of February!

Working with George and David was a truly rewarding experience. You will not find nicer guys who will go out of their way to help you and who truly love what they do; it is an experience that my wife and I will never forget. We are both blessed to have worked with George and David. They are no longer our builders, but true members of our family.

Tom and Marina