Hillside Lake House

March 9, 2017

An artist and teacher's semi-retirement dream home becomes a gallery for art and craft collection.

Our clients, a teacher and a theater director, came to Geobarns with a lovely wooded parcel in the mountains of North Carolina.  Perched high above a lake, the design had to balance their desire to maximize views with a substantial need for gallery-type wall spaces for the display of the couple’s extensive collection of quilts and other art.  Having seen Geobarns’ event and winery buildings, the clients hoped to transpose the light and open interior spaces to the residential scale.  The site’s steep red clay slope created numerous challenges, but by using the broad side of the structure to retain the slope, we concealed the two-bay garage from above, while maintaining views and light for a separately-accessed apartment below.  The home’s structure is defined by two simple volumes. The center of the home contains office, private rooms and kitchen under a second story, leaving the ends of both volumes as bright, two-story spaces.  On the living side, the clients’ prized quilt is displayed in a place of honor above a large mantel in a generous room conceived for entertaining.  On the master-suite side, a canopy bed and various artworks occupy the high clerestory space.  The home includes screened outdoor dining area and associated cantilevered porches connecting private and public areas of the home, and providing vantage points oriented toward the wooded slope and lake.