Historic Home Addition

Adding a dining and entertaining space to a grand home

This addition is quite uncharacteristic for Geobarn construction–but because of my clients’ willingness to let me learn on the job and entrust me with working on their beautiful home–we ended up with a creative and beautiful gathering room that ties into the original architecture. It also takes advantage of the southern exposure and floods the space with light, and uses some unusual problem solving solutions such as running the air conditioning through the raised floor system on the slab while also providing a sunken cherry bar, recessed and raised panels and a coffered ceiling with cupola that makes the room feel even loftier than its actual 10′ height.

I am very grateful to my clients for allowing me to learn–under their tutelage–how to do most of these things which I did not even know how to name prior to jumping into this endeavor…and without whose encouragement I never would have risked the time, effort and expense it required. It was a completely collegial collaboration from the onset….without which it simply could not have happened.

– George


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