Home on Howe Hill

March 19, 2018

This compact farmhouse expands to views and an expansive farmer's porch

One of our best efforts yet–this house offers a wide open floor plan from the main floor to the cupola close to 30 vertical feet….along with a column free basement ideally suited for not only the utilities but a nice home workshop. Our clients adapted wonderfully to a siting change necessitated by encountering ledge–with the end results of a lovely design of stonework and landscaping inviting all arrivals into the lower level entry. It features cantilevered porches on both sides and extensive passive solar design to capture winter southern sun as well as summer shading with the wider eaves…including office and work rooms open to below from the upper level. They worked closely with the crew for much of the build and were instrumental in solving several unforeseen challenges primarily due to issues I had not seen in advance….and some they wisely initiated as changes well into the process. Not only have they become good friends throughout the process–I admire them as well as colleagues in the dialectical design process.

Their home on Howe Hill in Sharon VT will be one I want use again and again as a perfect open plan….creating a spacious capacity from a relatively modest footprint of only 36×30.

How can we ever thank you for the beautiful house that you and your crew, Andrew and Michael, built for us? We absolutely love it, and hope to spend many wonderful years in it. We have so appreciated your integrity, generosity, kindness, intelligence, honesty, creativity, patience, optimism, attentiveness, wisdom and smiles!
Lots of love and admiration
Nancy & Michael