Homestead Equestrian Center

March 9, 2017

This equestrian facility, a primary amenity of a conservation community in Virginia, blends the quiet elegance of the associated Homestead Resort with the working vernacular of the region.

When owners of the Homestead, an historic mountain retreat in southwest Virginia, began developing selected areas of the surrounding valley, they conceived the new community as an example of conservation and development in partnership.  Owners of a limited number of homes would live among thousands of acres of protected farm and mountain landscape.  Working with Geobarns, as well as nationally known architects and planners, they designed a set of amenities suited to this new idea of rural community.  This equestrian facility houses up to ten horses, with a heated tack room and shop, and a central gallery open to a large hayloft above.  The carefully proportioned but simply detailed openings, whitewashed shiplap siding, a dark roof and trim cement the barn in the traditions of this mountainous valley.  The resulting building is quiet and elegant, and complements its landscape rather than attempting to dominate this special place.