Hot Rod Heaven

March 5, 2018

This garage barn has hot rods upstairs and equipment below

This 30’ x 36’ bank barn, nestled into its hillside, supports three hot-rods on a fire-rated gyp-crete floor supported by completely free-span girders. Below is an enormous storage area for a boat, an auto lift and a full mechanic’s shop.

This was a tough build….the brutal winter slowed us all down and we were quite late starting–so the foundation sat in the sub zero temps and cracked as a result–necessitating an expensive fix that would have not been incurred had we shown up on time from the last job in Westborough–which required almost a day a week of shoveling out to keep working…..the dominoes just kept falling over all over New England. To his credit–our client handled the adversity quite stoically–and now that the barn is up we have all chalked it up to the rough winter as we enjoy the summer.

The rear bay is elevated to accommodate a car lift below–and will be used for storage behind the cars on the more muscular load section. Our client has all kinds of plans for this space but right now his supportive wife is also eying the space as a lot more desirable than she anticipated….so who knows how this will unfold? This is not the first time that planned space has been commandeered by an admiring spouse….