Lakefront Cottage

March 21, 2018

A modern lake cabin limited to the footprint of a mobile home

As they sought permission to develop this lakefront site in the Sunapee region of New Hampshire, our clients found that they could only build within the footprint of an existing, very decrepit mobile home.  They approached Geobarns to design a structure to fit into these extreme limitations, and the result of a long journey through design and approvals is a delight.  A 14′ x 70′ box, following the old trailer’s dripline, is expanded where old porches or attached sheds once moldered, and each element’s height is designed to maximize the “what’s there plus ten feet” rule on the site.  A garage-shop takes half of the plan, leaving a lower level for a wet bar and social space, while an upstairs mezzanine opens much of the unusual structure to light from a long monitor cupola. The careful variation of the long box has the desired result: from the lake side, the structure looks like a respectful, modern home, not the trailer that, against everyone’s interest, had to be the basis for the design.  This kind of outcome is what we at Geobarns love: helping our clients improve and develop what they have, no matter the constraints.