Martha’s Vineyard Barn

March 19, 2018

A tiny barn on a little island

This tiny barn is built to withstand harsh coastal conditions and to age gracefully in its context.

Dear George,

We thank you for creating the best barn on Martha’s Vineyard! It stands proudly in our back yard and people stop and stare at its grace, proportion, and beauty.

I once heard that the definition of a good workman was someone who “did a good job quickly”. Anyone can do a good job – anyone can do a job quickly – but “a good workman does a good job quickly”!

That makes you the top of the list – you and your skeleton crew had the framing and beautiful green metal roof up in four days, and the rest was finished in eleven – a day early! No one can believe it around here.

The barn is the most aesthetically pleasing, practical, spacious 24x24x24 structure I’ve ever seen, and the cupola proudly oversees it all, just as the transoms on the second story enlighten our lives.

It really is beautiful, and quick, and affordable. We can’t thank you enough for the work and for being such pleasant company while you sped through the construction.

Good luck in the future with this great idea! We’re telling people to look up Geobarn on web!

TRC, Massachusetts