Massachusetts Garage Barn

March 18, 2018

A multi-level barn makes the most of a banked site

This tri-level barn made use of an innovative fireproofing material to allow residential uses above and below a garage.  The loading is common enough with the robust Geobarn system of clear span girders, but the unusual result here is a walkout basement and three bay garage in a bank barn arrangement, with a refined loft above.

Hello George,

Geobarns built a beautiful barn for my family (exactly as we had imagined) in 4-5 weeks under some of the worst conditions and obstacles imaginable. A big thank you is in order for Rowan, Nick and Justin. These guys made it happen… they lived on site in our RV and were a joy to hang out with. Thanks guys !

The project almost did not get off the ground due to a MA building code that does not allow wood floors on a garage floor level. In our barn we had a walkout basement, a second floor, 3 bay garage then a full upstairs. Since cars we going to be parked on the second floor the floor “surface” could not be wood. George worked closely with us and the building inspector to gain acceptance and trust in using a new product called Versaroc*, so the project could go forward.

Right after our barn was started key Geobarns leadership had a tragic and fatal accident. Even faced with this incredible emotional and operational tragedy, George made the project move forward without missing a beat. Integrity at its finest.

The weather during our job was horrific. Extreme downpours almost delayed the foundation pour and severe heat during the construction phase was a daily struggle. The team forged through and finished the barn in a timely fashion.

When our Versaroc delivery came a problem with delivery down our driveway ensued. Justin, being creative and bright worked with a local supply store and used community supports to get the delivery done. Great thinking !

The barn came out very nice and exactly as we wanted. The team was easy to work with, we had no hassles over cost and we were treated well as customers.

Thank you George, Rowan, Nick and Justin.

JMH Lunenburg NH