Mountainside Home

March 5, 2018

This elegant home makes the most of a steep mountain site

This New York home was built atop a mountain near the Adirondack Park, on a parcel where our clients had camped for decades of vacations and dreamt of a home. Following years of design and DIY site work by our client, Geobarns began construction during the worst winter in decades. Snowdrifts, punishing temperatures and wind made this tall hillside home one of the most challenging projects in Geobarns’ history.  The crew, and their batteries and pneumatic tools, had to retreat to an icicle-encrusted warming shed for periodic thawing on many days.  The resulting project, organized vertically from garages up through living areas to private spaces above, maximizes sun exposure while opening views to the valley below, and shows what can be done with a difficult site.

New York