Music Studio Barn

March 18, 2018

A garage-barn offers space for a love of music

As with many of our (woodworking, painting, yoga-enthusiast) friends, these clients transformed their need for a garage into an opportunity to get the space they REALLY wanted… a dedicated music studio. This barn rocks.

Last year we began to dream of tearing down the little, dirt floor shed next to our house and replacing it with a barn/ music studio. Before it would happen, we needed to wrap our minds around the idea that this was possible and affordable. As the months passed, we grew more eager to make it happen, though we didn’t know where to begin until the day that we saw our first Geobarn. There it stood, a classic, hand-crafted barn at home in the Vermont hills. By word of mouth, we got the contact information for Geobarn. Still in disbelief, we e-mailed George thinking that he would be busy and that he would take weeks to contact us. Within two hours George responded! By the next Saturday we were at his home, looking at his barn and other barns that he had built. We saw that what we wanted was affordable and possible in a timely way.

A few weeks later, George came over, looked at our acre, talked to us, and basically sketched out our building right in front of us. He later e-mailed us finished drawings. Who knows what an architect might have charged us just for plans. He helped us understand what we would need to do in terms of excavation, concrete, electric, plumbing, and finish work. We felt prepared to contact the various workers ourselves. This has saved us quite a bit of money as well.

George and the guys were able to start work at the end of an extremely rainy April. Despite delays in readying the spot we were never worried about about our time frame. Less than six weeks from when they started working, the barn was a reality. Working with George and the guys was a Joy. They were amazingly focused, there was no time wasted, and yet they created a relaxed atmosphere. We have a new born baby and nervous dogs but there was never a problem. We’ll actually miss having the guys around. We were comfortable to ask questions and to ask for things that we wanted. Once the shell was complete Caleb and Seth stayed on and did gorgeous finish work.

We love our Geobarn. It is distinctive, aesthetic, and functional. We were able to have it at a remarkable price. Working with George and his family was a great experience.


DSSS, Brookline, Vermont