New England Horse Barn

March 19, 2018

This multi-use barn goes from equestrian to thespian

This lovely horse barn represents the best outcomes of dialogue between the needs of the owners and creative ideas to meet those needs from the builder. It is unusual in several respects, having two levels on the upper floor, and differently sized sets of stalls along each side of the central runway. The upper level stores everything from hay to canoes to a small family theater practice stage, with an eastern balcony overlooking the beautiful, back 40, complete with split rail fences and acres of pasture.

Every square inch of space is utilized, with storage underneath the floating, angled staircase that makes plenty of space for carrying a canoe up or down. The gable end track doors open for offloading a truckload of hay right off the bed. Numerous transoms around the perimeter provide plenty of light, as well as the 6/6 double hung sash, protected throughout with simple rebar. The gates and rails are beveled and easily slide open with no hardware, no space taken from a pickup parked in the middle, and able to be opened for a person to get in without the horse getting out.

We’re delighted both with the process of working with George and with our finished barn. George is a barn specialist who takes great pride in each barn he builds. Our process was truly collaborative, melding our vision for siting, size and design with George’s professional perspective on engineering, design, siting, and cost trade-offs. In the end, our barn melded both perspectives into something stronger than either taken alone. Our barn was built with features that are uniquely George’s and both practical and stylish, such as: diagonal framing on a post and beam structure, liberal use of inexpensive transom windows, and unusual and effective interior stall doors. Our horse barn turned out to be not just a useful structure but also a handsome and striking architectural addition to our property.


New Hampshire