New Hampshire Home

March 18, 2018

This fine home nestles into a Grantham hillside

Surrounded by mountain views, this majestic home includes an entirely open downstairs floor plan, with only a bathroom and central staircase within the living/kitchen/entry and dining areas. Built as a shell in a record 25 working days by a crew of three-we were blessed with good weather and a wonderful client who did all he could to pitch in and help-whether shoveling snow to clear the site, providing a superb foundation on which to build, and even taking a few days to work alongside our subcontractors to be a part of the process and get a well deserved share of the credit!

This beautiful home features exposed fir beams between the full span trusses, v-groove tongue and groove spruce 2×6 flooring throughout the upper level, and dropped rooflines to reflect the varied widths of the structure and making it more intimate within the 4000+ square feet floor plan. This home also incorporates some new structural components, such as intersecting trusses, wider truss bays, and a small full foundation at one end supporting a free span floor system for a walk in shop and utility area.

The homeowners will be finishing this off themselves, and we look forward to posting additional pictures of their creativity, skill and effort on this page in the weeks ahead.

What can I say? George is a true craftsman and realist who exemplifies integrity, pride and an attention to detail. All of these qualities makes a Geobarn a wonderful product, and just as important, a wonderful process. George was able to guide us through the building process, which yielded more house in both quality and quantity then we could have had with other conventional builders. Incorporating a traditional New England facade and an open concept living space, our house will have a timeless charm and the functional elements my wife and I were looking for. We are just ecstatic with the results.

I learned a lot from George, and he has made building this house a most pleasurable experience. Big kudos to his crew, who graciously allowed me to pound a few nails along side them, and for exhibiting the same demeanor, pride and work ethics as George.

JMR, Grantham , NH