Photography Studio and Garage

March 15, 2018

This barn accommodates cars below, and a well-lit studio above

Many of Geobarns’ clients hope to pair a passion with a practical concern.  This barn is a natural configuration for such a hybrid.  A rugged garage-shop space at ground level accommodates cars, providing a platform for an elevated and open studio above.  Paneled throughout in simple, cleanly detailed spruce and fir, the photography space is fully vaulted through exposed rafter beams.  A generous cupola catches and filters natural light throughout the space.


We couldn’t have been happier to have you and your crew here for the past five weeks. The time flew by, not only because they were so pleasant to have around, but also because of the fact that, every day, we saw exponential growth in our GeoBarn. We were really able to celebrate at the end of every day, and did. I think most remarkable was the beauty of the construction — even if we, as lay people, aren’t able to fully appreciate the structural value of the building, we certainly can and did marvel at how lovely the wood is, how precise the geometry, and how carefully it was built. Most of all, we appreciate how gracefully the GeoBarn is integrated on our site with both the house and the existing barn to which it is attached. We expect everyone who sees it to be impressed, but only we will have the memory and the knowledge that every stage of the construction was really an aesthetic experience, and one we will remember with pleasure as we live with our GeoBarn every day.

We are so grateful for the care you’ve taken of us in this addition to our lives. Please do come by when you can, or feel free to send prospective customers our way for a tour.

Thank you again, and our very best wishes for the new year.


New Hampshire