Pontiac Car Barn

March 5, 2018

This barn for a GTO enthusiast opens to an upper mezzanine and cupola

While our client has maintained a lifelong love of Pontiac muscle cars, he also teaches high school literature.  After discussing the project, he hired Geobarns when he heard George refer to the dialectical nature of our design process.  After successfully negotiating Amherst’s strict controls on new building, the project was successfully raised in an amazing 17-day marathon.

As this little barn takes shape it is clear this neighborhood will be graced with a lovely green roofed barn crowned by its copper roofed cupola–specially requested by our discriminating clients….after all–doesn’t a vintage GTO warrant an esoteric touch?

The crew has battled cutting cold weather and a variety of storms–the roof went on during this week’s snow showers–but their efforts have been encouraged by the steadily superb menu of homemade lunches (and even occasionally breakfast) provided by our caring clients. When I got these pictures (something I insist in as part of their contract) the framing admittedly took my breath away….every diagonal symmetrically in place and playing its part in the greater work of art. There is something exhilarating (and admittedly bittersweet) seeing this passed on and owned by all our subs….making it beautiful in their own image with no need of me to do so…where we need to go and need to be as part of inevitable growth and moving forward. I still remember the first building framed without me at all–by Andrew and Faith north of Montpelier….I cried for a hour at the joy of having let go, hard as it was.

Evan and Scott are now ready to wrap, window and side….and while the building will now take its final shape–we all grieve a bit at covering up its internal art that will only exist in these pictures in the months and years to come….


New Hampshire