Pool Barn Guesthouse

March 19, 2018

Garage, guesthouse and pool barn all in one

This versatile outbuilding was conceived as a garage, with an apartment above.  Co-located with a new pool, the barn is indispensable as shelter and infrastructure for a day of outdoor fun.

It all seemed so simple a year ago when I called you about a garage. All we wanted to do was put in a pool and build a combination garage/pool house/playroom. Well it turned out that the only simple thing was working with Geobarn. Our house sits atop a small mountain on 50 acres in southern Vermont. In order to build a pool where we wanted it we had to bring up 100 loads of fill that eons of rain and melting snow had washed down the mountain. The day we started the excavation it began to rain. Somehow we got the foundation for the barn done and despite the horrible weather Geobarn started just a few days behind the original schedule. Almost by magic the barn began to rise from a sea of mud. It felt like it rained every day in the month of May and June – but the barn kept coming together. Some days we had to let the crew come in and warm up by the stove as the wind swept rain never stopped. Oh did I mention that we were having 15 8th grade graduates for a sleepover party on June 22 and that they were planning to sleep in the barn. We made it. The barn was habitable in less than 5 weeks.

In a project where everything was over budget and took much longer than planned Geobarn was on time, on budget and we were delighted with the result. The standard response when people see the barn for the first time is, “That’s nicer than my house!” Thank you George, Andrew, Faith and Jonathon. It was a pleasure watching craftsmen at work. Come up next summer for a swim.

Marlboro Vermont