Quilt Artist Studio

March 9, 2017

This multilevel barn-studio hosts work and gallery space for a renowned artist and students from around the world.

Our client is a renowned artist who works in fabric.  Applying a mixture of modern and traditional quilting techniques, she creates bold, modern abstract compositions.  She found Geobarns, who also like to create bold and geometric compositions with a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.  We hit it off, and together we created this barn studio for her Ohio farm.  The otherwise quaint red barn opens up on one end with a profusion of windows to admit all the available light to various studio functions.  The three floors each have distinct functions, from loading and material-management, through cutting and shaping tables, display and work space, and a loft storage area for material and completed quilts.  This barn is not only a workspace for a solitary artist, but several times through the year becomes a gathering place for like-minded artists from around the country to convene and work together on concepts and projects.  Essentially a studio that sometimes becomes a school, the building had to meet many requirements of a modern business and gathering place, while maintaining its look and feel as a traditional and appropriately scaled element of a midwestern farm landscape.