Self-Sustaining Mountain Home

March 18, 2018

Off the grid, and high in the mountains

This 28 x 28 x 40′ tall home on top of a Vermont mountain is one of the most challenging Geobarns we have built–with vaulted sections spanning three floor systems and a steeply pitched roof beginning at over 26′ high over the garage entry eave. The crew rose to the occasion braving high winds and some bad weather and created the closest structure we have built to a chalet…

This house is also hydroelectrically powered and completely off the grid with everything needed to be completely self-sustaining. Our energetic client worked with us every day as a carpenter in training, shaving some time off the build and cost off the budget.

Hey George,

I just wanted to send off a quick note thanking you for the wonderful experience building our beautiful barn home. I even got to bang a few nails, learn some new carpentry and design tricks, and be an integral part of the design and construction of the barn. What a blessing!

Many thanks also are in order for your crew, especially Justin and Rowan. They made my first foray into “General Contracting” and a construction project of this size a truly pleasurable experience. With their attention to detail, excellent carpentry skills, and willingness to educate me as to the structural, loading, and cost implications of the Geobarns construction technique, as well as the great fellowship we enjoyed during the eight weeks of construction, resulted in a truly enjoyable experience.

And this was no easy project. Although currently being used as a barn one-half mile up a private mountain road from the main town highway, from inception, the “barn” has been designed to be eventually converted into our home. Thus, a full foundation and floor system, full floor plan with window, door and stairway placement had to be designed into our 4 story “barn”. George made it all work and within budget. Sure, there were glitches along the way and changes I wanted to make as construction proceeded. But it was great to be able to immediately discuss the problem, and work out the issues and costs in a truly educational way. Through it all George, you demonstrated the integrity, honesty, and expertise rarely seen in the construction industry today.

I look forward to the day we begin converting our new barn into our home. I can envision a garage, barn, studio, and storage facilities needing to be added to the site. You can be sure Geobarns will be our first choice for these projects. Nice job guys!


DNW, Bridgewater, VT