Vermont Wedding Barn

March 18, 2018

Built as an ice rink, the original Geobarn is a top wedding venue

Geobarns founder George Abetti’s own barn, and for many of our clients, the first Geobarn they get to see up close, is an example of flexibility and understatement.  Conceived as a year-round ice rink, the large open-span timber structure was easily converted into an event space.  Now playing host to a wedding and event business, the barn’s main hall and associated spaces have a new life, and a new spruce floor.  The main room opens, via sliding barn doors, to a landscaped patio and fifty mile views of Vermont’s Green Mountains. Galleries above the open floor allow guests to view events on two levels. The variation in the main roofline that allows the second story does double duty, breaking down the scale of this structure to harmonize the structure with the surrounding farmstead.