Southern Vermont Home

March 18, 2018

This open plan home is filled with light and views

While both floors are supported by the Geobarn truss system with no bearing walls, this home features a combination of open space living area and lots of spaces and rooms found in traditional New England homes. The owners clearly love windows, and added numerous additional ones to both the exterior-and yes-interior walls to maintain the Geobarn ambience throughout the structure. The basement is entirely open and will be used for utilities, a large shop area, and optional recreational space in the dead of winter. The owners were highly involved in the design process and were able to make changes as the job progressed to suit their wishes.

Graced with a spectacular view of the Vermont rolling hill countryside, our only wish is that we could have built it in the summer rather than the arctic winds of this particularly harsh winter. Nonetheless, the heat is now on and the interior framing is done while the owner roughs in the utilities before we shiplap the vault and the ceilings and make all the interior doors–many having their own lintel transom window. Living in the Vermont winters-most homeowners simply know there is no possibility of too many windows!