Two Potters Studio

February 15, 2018

This artist's bank barn has rugged space for making and firing ceramics below, with light clean gallery space above.

A husband-wife team of ceramic artists required space for their art and business.  The hillside barn combines rough work space below with a soaring retail ad gallery space above, opening to a lush hillside and breathtaking views to the valley below.  Working with an artist’s budget, our clients prepared infrastructure and constructed the insulated concrete foundation themselves and with some smart and hardworking friends.  With the help from local volunteers, Geobarns was able to construct the studio in just two weeks.

Thinking back on this wonderful build–the love of these two married potters as husband and wife and artisans of their craft is what will stay with me forever. Today was their open house and seeing the building–even though not quite finished–with all its glorious pottery was a rare and moving privilege. I learned a great deal from them about attention to details and the hard work that represented so trenchantly their passion for their pottery–something which connected us instantly and intuitively forever…on a common project, in the same place, and doing something that truly mattered to each of us. We were also blessed with their wonderful parents and some long distance volunteers who helped with John Bushaw from MI and Charles Augello from NY who wanted a taste of Geobarn building. Given the late season and short window to winter, we were only too happy to oblige…

I saw them today in their new studio–doing what they do best–presenting their art to many visitors in a place they have built with not only with blood, sweat and tears but with grace, generosity and love that will flow from them for generations to come. We built not only their studio–but a deep a resonating bond as well.