Upstate Garage Barn

March 18, 2018

This two bay garage supports a lovely loft with views to the surrounding forest

Dear George,

We appreciate so much the fine building that stands proudly on our property now. A year ago, this was just a dream, it’s hard to explain how exciting it is to have our own GeoBarn after seeing so many other gorgeous pictures from other clients on your website.

Since we are generally used to doing construction and renovation work ourselves, it was a leap of faith to invite an outside team in to construct our building. What a treat to have you and your team here, and what a joy for us and Dad to be able to partner with you on some of the work. We especially appreciated the personal touch and ongoing dialogue about questions and details as they arose during the building process. We also valued your experience, ideas, and straightforward approach around blueprints, material choices, and payment plans. Your enthusiasm and attention toward our project demonstrated time and time again that this is obviously more than a job for you, truly a ministry.

Thank you for a design that combined our diverse needs and represents so much to us as a family. We are proud to recommend your services to other folks who are considering a GeoBarn.

Best regards,


New York